Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Kakadu – Lexus GX Toyota Land Cruiser LC5 – Rob Fraser Reviews

Toyota Land Cruiser  Prado Kakadu – Lexus GX Toyota Land Cruiser LC5 – Rob Fraser Reviews

Fourth generation, J150 This generation of Prado features much sophisticated and advanced 4WD capabilities and an array of electronic gadgets.LandCruiser Pra…



skjellanger says:

In Norway the 2014 mod cost 970.000NOK = 164.300USD…. Car prices in
Norway is hallarious… Im still gonna buy one tho… 😉 

95thRiflesOCI says:

Wish they had this model in Canada, with the driver seat on the left. Can’t
afford to pay for the lexus name plate.

Z15TEEN says:

stupid interior for expensive car.

Anton Alvin Singh says:

@jxxn442 it like $628,000 dollars in my country equal to $120,000 US

Emilio José Vaca says:

Toyota fortuner!

pakistansportslk says:

@jan585 :put a chip in that: can you enlighten me a bit more

MrD7oOM3 says:

Voice fly 8:47

The under Taker 49 says:

Where am living its cheap it costs around 48000 dollars for vxl

john paul Sanglay says:

in my country land cruiser prado is about P3,500,000M and a land cruiser v8
Dubai version is P5,000,000

steinwaygrande1 says:

All this is great, but that takes the fun out of four wheel driving. Much
prefer to choose my own line and use my Lo Rnage gears to get up and down
step hils and sand dunes. This model does it all for you and takes the fun
out of it – not to mention the horrendous price. Needs a 3″ suspension lift
– current models are to low.

Dominykas Latvaitis says:

@manofpplz its a 3.0 litre diesel 4 cylinder engine with a turbo.

nathanfiorano1 says:

@masyed3478a good point i have one of them it was my dream car when i was
growing up

safaa7 says:

This is the Diesel Version though?

Elhaan10 says:

the guy with the truck tries to copy the guy of top gear..thumbs up if u

TheSantiayo says:

the cheapest version of the land cruiser in my country is about more than
60 000 us dollars a new range rover supercharge is about more than 160 000
us dollars a enzo ferrari is about 400 000 us dollars even a defender is
about 60 000 dollars fuck!! a car from the 80 is about 10 000

jimmyhoffa9 says:

They build it to last and be reliable, which comes at the sacrifice of a
crappy interior. Besides, alot of their market is commerical still.

Conor Sewelll says:

With the 3ed row seats you can move it forward for cargo by pressing the
switch on the left side and move it forward for a big of cargo space and
also were the cup hollers are there is a switch that you can also use as
well to move the seats forward 🙂

HotHeadCJ says:

@XephronZ Your mistaking this for the Landcruiser 200 series, the real
Landrcuirser. The Prado(Landcruiser 150 series) is a smaller SUV originally
designed as a alternative to the larger Landcruiser. This has 3.0 I-4 Turbo
Diesel and a 4.0 DOHC VVt-i V6 from the American Toyota Tacoma.

pakistansportslk says:

@jan585 i know abt the ecu but will it work on the prado phenominaly i mean
with the right chip will it rev harder and produce better torque thats my
point thx and ur sure abt that

swarly121 says:

Good video

pakistansportslk says:

@DODwebdotorg then what did u do had the lost their minds

Ubannedme says:

The new design looks a bit retarded in my opinion. I was planning to sell
my 2008 model but this thing looks ridiculous. Hopefully the next model
looks better…

tven99 says:

@AnyAutoTV 96k, thats half compare to my country’s 200k (used ones)

ThePhenom94 says:

Nice I’ve got the same exact thing BUT, mine is a left hand and I have
Prado written on the wheel cover on the back door! ^_^

masyed3478a says:

@steinwaygrande1 i completely agree to that

GT says:

Right ok. Take the Prado to where its supposed to go, and it will get
there. Take the BMW X5 to where you think it can go, and it will become
nuts and bolts. Build quality hey….

malinda33333 says:

the 4L V6 in Sri lanka is about $200,000 thats nothing compared to aussi

jordito04 says:

in Dominican Republic the full version is 74.900 dollars

DeathToDictator1 says:

@jxxn442 After all the money you got from Khamanie the “Iranian HITLER” for
Killing so many innocent people.. so sad that you will go to grave so
poor.. Even if you go hide in Austria we will find you and make you all pay
for killing so many innocent people.

steinwaygrande1 says:

@jan585 Some wanker in Toyota`s Head Office thats who

Any AutoTV says:

@jxxn442 I know its ridiculous but there are heaps of taxes, probably about
$30,000 in that price..woohoo!!

steinwaygrande1 says:

@masyed3478a Oh dont get me wrong, I agree with you as far as a driving to
the office etc with a 5″ lift etc. its not practical at all , but my point
is that all these electronic gizmos takes 99% of the fun out of
recreational four wheel driving. I dont want my 4×4 to do all the work
while I sit back and learn nothing. Sooner use my noggin to find the right
line and wheel placement etc and make it a challenge then just sit back and

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