The New Hyundai ix35 SUV | Let’s Tussle

The New Hyundai ix35 SUV | Let’s Tussle For a father and son, buying a new Hyundai ix35 SUV is a rite of passage where tough friendships are formed but can be…



Kaitlyn Hunt says:

He’s so cute

Chequered Flag says:

Brilliant casting, Hyundai. Elliot is brilliant in this.

iammer says:

nice acting from that kid:)

Daniel Moncada says:

amazing video i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Diaz says:

SuperGay dad!

jennieisflying says:

Brilliant acting from Elliot :)

derek fowler says:

never thought I’d LIKE an advert !! nice one Elliot :P

Derek West says:

good ad

Ryan Parker says:

Yes! The way ads should be :)

Debby Kirdag says:

‘you’ve killed him’ xD Loved the advert. Actually watched it to the end.
The kid is awesome 

Peter O'Riordan says:

Brilliant loved it

Michelle B says:

omg i’ve neverlaughed so hard on a cermershal 

Zombie Doctor says:

Never thought advertising works I mean now I actually want to go and buy
one, my mum had one it was the Hyundai terican such a brilliant car, love
the adverts this should be a series on tv or something, some stupid comedy
I would love to watch, loved uncle to so funny

CrazyBeautifulLife58 says:

The boy’s voice is unnaturally deep, as though it’s dubbed from another
language or something

Amy Wu says:

I love Elliot!!!

youpubemeister says:

Hilarious! Whoever thought the boy from Uncle and the man from Silk would
make such a perfect double act. Please make more of these.

Alexandra Rose says:

Elliot Speller Gillot<3

mrwillygb says:

I feel the kid’s pain

Berkeley Vale Motors says:

A normal day in the showroom….?


The kids Errol from Uncle!!!

Berkeley Vale Motors says:

A normal day in the showroom….?

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