Redline Review: 2014 Kia Soul Exclaim

Redline Review: 2014 Kia Soul Exclaim

Kia’s next-generation “Hamster-Box” offers buyers a compelling blend of space, style, and features. The 2014 Soul continues to be one of the best compact car…



AgentHydra says:

Is this a press fleet vehicle or did a dealer just let you keep it for
awhile? Great review!

basketball798 says:

These so called bargain cars go up to like 27k??!!!? Stop with the
nonsense and tell people how it is!

Pi0neer says:

holy shit… this almost isnt fair to the competition… and i never even
liked the soul but this one is just brilliant as far as i can see. heated
steering wheel and rear seats? all soft touch interior? good looks etc…
god damn. 

n777ua says:

Sorry Sofyan, but that intro with that song was horrible…please pick some
new music 

bikephil says:

Take those gloves off girly man.

Kia Soul says:

Kia’s next-generation “Hamster-Box” offers buyers a compelling blend of
space, style, and features. The 2014 #Soul continues to be one of the best
compact car alternatives you can buy. It’s sleek design, roomy cabin, and
high tech features make it an easy choice. Only those who crave spirited
performance or better fuel-economy will find the competition more to your

Moby Dick says:

Low 20’s and you call that blistering cold temperatures? LOL, come to
Canada, low 20’s would be like summer.

50hellkat2 says:

Anyone with a 16 year old daughter will appreciate that this car is gutless
yet sporty and will warn of curves ahead. I luv this car.

ThinkOutsideTheCube says:

This review was spot on! With being the current owner of one of those box
cars you listed (a 2010 Cube) all the points you made were very valid.Cube
and xB are growing extremely old on the new car market with Cube not being
updated since its release in 2009 and xB only having one redesign in almost
10 years. Kia Soul definitely deserves class leader status overall. Yeah
the fuel econmy sucks compared to the Cube, Fit, etc. But that extra
weight gives the new Soul a more upscale feeling and less “tin can” ish if
you understand what Im saying. In conclusion, Sofyan really understands the
Kia Soul and its place in the market because that’s who the car is targeted
to/for. Middle-aged men reviewing the Soul from or Autobytel just
dont understand the point and can’t give an accurate review for the
targeted buyer.

Ryukachoo says:

whenever i see a kia on 2theredline i now think paid review, but thankfully
he’s got the handicam treatment instead of talking to the camera reading a

fanowner12 says:

Saabkyle04 reviewed the same car, same license plate number, coolio (:

Kev50027 says:

Sleek? It’s a box car.. But I see what you mean. On a different note, those
DC roads are terrible! You must need a Rolls-Royce just to get around
without breaking your back.

Theodore Vasilopoulos says:

I own the 1st gen Soul and couldn’t be happier with it. This one looks even
better and the engines are a little better, too.

richard evans says:

Fuel Economy Is Awful For What It is. Although it does look much nicer than
my aunt’s 2013 soul

Valdek Waslan Oliveira says:

Thank you man, thank you. Thanks a lot.
For many here in Brazil, this car is considered ugly or weird.
For me, this car is WONDERFUL.
I love this car and accompany the few things about him that appear here.
As I always say: Car, can not only be considered the best buy but also what
most pleases. Style, different, imposing. That’s how I see this car and I
really like that follow.
Thanks a lot.

Meelad Yousuf says:

Hey nice video! Is it possible if you could do one of the new dodge charger
R/T, thanks!

walkthepark says:

my god those are some terrible roads..

Ivan Vojt says:

The only FAIL is the low to mid 20 MPG numbers. I suspect an under powered
engine is still the cause.

EKFiPod says:

they should’ve made a AWD version 🙁 then I’d be all over it 

Andrew Pelletier says:

Thank you 2theredlinellc for making this video

EM111 says:

You say actually and basically way too much. Nice intro and great review
otherwise. Gl

Liandra Bennett says:

Can u get this car as a manual???

Scott M says:

I just purchased the 2014 base with 6 speed transmission. I love it. Only
wish I had opted for the panoramic roof. 

mtgrocks04 says:

blistering cold = 20? It’s been below 0 in chicago for the last 2

TFiPW says:

Ford needs to shrink the Flex to that size but with a longer trunk.

Andie San Dimasplooge says:

Hamster Box? Not the kind of description one wants when you’re a big
strapping handsome macho dude (hetero!) like me. Eff you./

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