74chamaco says:

is fantastic……………….

Leonardo Munareto says:

:”””'( i waaaant i neeeeeeed i can buy one if i talk with hyundai’s boss

dragonamt says:

Hyndai is smart to go all over the world to design their lineup, as well as
manufacture their cars. They have cars designed and built in Korea, US, and
all over Europe.

Intrepid Zany says:

The real ix35 on sale is not nearly as high quality as the designers
intended it to be.

tigerbalm says:

OMG, that design is almost perfect! Finally, they understand balance and
proportions, and style! I hope it’s not expensive, or it will defeat the
purpose nad not sell well.

jj559168 says:


1quickster says:

Now that you got styling and warranty covered. How about fixing your
steering and quick shifting transmission. to all your vehicle lineup.

antimotin says:

tiene un paracido con la que trajeron a colombia

yinghuang xu says:

I love this car is really nice SUV ….

dpst234 says:


Se Kourosh says:

very nice. very creative., this is design.

Palappagoz says:

Never….it’s the concept of the ix 35.

Ken Yap says:

being the owner of ix-35…i’m proud of this car….question is when can i
own de…….. ix-onic! i hope not to wait too long!

slixer1 says:

it was designed in germany.

omegaplib says:

WOOO, my dad bought this car too, I’m excited for it, it’s coming after
tomorrow 😀

Theo Anthony says:

@AutumnsMuse youre welcome..

Abhilash TC says:

Impressive… Its very compact and ideal for urban life, however not sure
abt the off road capabilities. Is this the next version of IX35/Tuscon or
its a new compact SUV which could compete with Renault Duster or Ford
Ecosport… Would love to own one… When is this gonna get launched in

DragonSorceress50 says:

Does anybody know if they will release this exactly as it is shown?? The
ones out there are nice, but when I finally get my next vehicle I want it
just like that…

Shaurya Gautam says:

when does it go on production?

Ken Yap says:

hope to bring it back to Malaysia. very nice car

muffintaste says:

my car!!!! so sexy and powerfull <3

Bee Hopper says:

may be this is a face-lifted ix35… WOW!

TheDeMacor says:

Nice video….and car!! 😀

mikeymarmalade says:

Should have kept the original LED running lights. The production version
does not have these and I feel it is a mistake. Kia has kept them in the
production new Sportage and it looks better. Nevertheless, it is a very
nice car.

rubros9 says:


G. P. Sebree says:

I have a 2012 and I love this car!

Theo Anthony says:

@AutumnsMuse ähm, he bought the biggest Version with all add ons. So it was
like 25.000 €

OneDoesNotSimply says:

Ich hasse es wie se alle von dem Auto träumen das nie so auf den Markt

Theo Anthony says:

my dad bought this car.. next week its coming..woood..:)

SubliminalFear says:

nice car =) and nice girl with the dark skin 😛

Dune1884 says:

his accent kills the mood..

STraWbERry2488 says:

i want this car~!

Leonardo Munareto says:

when it will be presented !!??? i neeed it

maxomania123 says:

Learn English , alter der mann und die dunkelhäutige Frau , haben so
akzentvoll english gesprochen die waren zu 100% deutsche 😉

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