Hyundai i30 Tourer estate review – CarBuyer

Hyundai i30 Tourer estate review – CarBuyer

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Elias Sonego Sabaté says:

So many bad things this car has, how can it be named the car of the year
2012? dont get it!

Danny cai says:

How come there are secret storage compartments? in Australia there is a
stupid spare wheel that i would probably never use!

urmum5 says:

baaare Cold alie?

googleccd079 says:

you kiss your mother with that mouth?

llvlletal3oy says:

just watch the show u perv

TurboDifferent says:

I really don’t like Kia’s and Hyundai’s. I prefer Skoda’s to these cars
actually. Like the octavia, there is a new one coming. Yesterday was the
presentation of the brand new Octaia hatchback. I’m looking forward to that
review. Best wishes

Tomas Chomic says:

I must agree i saw this car is a car show … it realy is a big improvement
:] ! now i would concider buying one….amm one cool feture is the way the
car is lid inside : > in a greyish blue ! and as she said leg room in the
back is WOW realy good : ]

mustsilm says:

Focus isnt as reliable.

shubhromu says:

Why are Hyundai’s different from what is sold in other markets? Verna,
Sonata, Elantra? What are they called in the UK?

Joe Wassef says:

she can’t reach the buttons because she is short and her arms too

KIYOOU says:

Stop commenting on her, you sick fOkers!

WebWolf89 says:

She’s in a Hyundai, what do you expect?

kenngykful says:

how about HYUNDAI VELOSTER? good looking….plz review this model~~

Did You Steal Your License? says:

She drove away with it — it’s a good car. 😀

mustsilm says:

mmm big boot

Hellboy says:

where is Mat???

SpeedFireARL says:

был бы у него нормальный механический ручник….

RussMusiq1 says:

It’s comments like these that cause low self esteem in women. Thank You.

Ulisses Costa says:


sellisti says:

“It charms you with its style and good looks”. Well, so do you, Rebecca, so
do you.

youtubeeeeeyeaah says:

Please review the new Clio!

Johnny Wrong says:

Slightly larger and longer…

wtrdogg20 says:

Hyundai is not making cars now to be Fun to Drive, they are making cars
that people need. Reliable cars for everybody, cars with good driving and
efficiency. Not everybody is thinking on going fast or taking turns almost
drifting with a family car. I think Hyundai is using a good formula, not
everybody can be satifsfied with the same items, and trying to make
everybody happy is the best way to start failing at what you are doing. Too
bad US market still think Hyundai is not a good car.

derbigpr500 says:

Maybe you’re a bad driver. 😛 Joking, but no really, my mom doesn’t find
any difference in driving dinamics between our Focus or Laguna, and Focus
drives like 10 times better when you take it up to the limit on curvy

Kanchoba says:

I like her, and the car…

sophisticatedmav says:

I agree the bum…..uh boot is nice

abinim007 says:

What the hell…!! A 3:15 min review…??! Don’t you think it’s not long
enough?? Plus where is Matt??

Ca Oak says:

I could seat here all they watching you show me that trunk, becca…

DAVID Y says:

I hope Hyundai will bring this wagon / estate version to North America.

wakkadakkaify says:

hey, those storage compartments are not really secret. They’re described in
the manual.

Dazza Isaac says:

I dont get this about the Ford Focus. I have driven a couple of them for
work and as hire cars and find them really boring to drive and the styling
seems to be very lacking compared to other manufacturers

osochocolatoso says:

i dont give a shit about the car, im just here for Rebecca! <3

Raymond Prayogo says:

well, no more panties since Honda CR-V review

Music Night says:


Raymond Fagertun says:

No worries for us here in Norway, the Focus got 5year/100000km warranty 🙂

RussMusiq1 says:

STOP the Zoosk commercials.

Ridgemaster Rz says:

Вот уроды….

M4st3rm1nd says:

i thought i was the only one looking lol

Benz Fish says:


HB45175 says:

The cee´d is a bit better even if it’s basically the same car.

Ruairi Kirwan says:

I agree they r good cars. but i hate all the pervs!!!

Alex Belmez says:

great car

djkt2 says:

Please review the Sandero !

Joe Wassef says:

and that’s why they create buttons on the steering wheel

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