HYUNDAI i10 review

HYUNDAI i10 review

This is a indepth review of the all new 2011 hyundai i10 ( India ) . I have shown the exterior and the interior along with the special features and engine pe…



Jello Shot says:

Oh I won’t pay more than 5-6 lakhs tops.

Jello Shot says:

@thedecentdevil do you think its a good idea to get an i20 since the new
fluidic design i20 will be out next year?

themetal2001 says:

this is not HONDA its HYUNDAI

Jello Shot says:

i20 magna or i10 sports for 6’3″ft driver. i think i20 has more space. what
do you think?

Suhanundefined Khan says:

totally raw !! this is how a review should be !!

puneetarorax says:

nice attempt . . Any update on mileage you are getting?

Jello Shot says:

why didnt you get the i20 magna instread arent they the same price?

games99ification says:

review the new i 20 i mean the next gen

Subrata Bhowmick says:


kalpesh patel says:

Very informative

nexus says:

tats the review.. 🙂 i kinda like it.. ur fb id plz..

kapi4u kapi4u says:

Ur voice like cricket commentator

Jello Shot says:

@thedecentdevil i booked the Maruti Swift in Pearl White ZXI. Thanks man,
the interior looked nice and my cousin owns a maruti dealership in bombay
so the he helped he jump the line by giving me one from his inventory. I
think i made the right choce. oh well it should be here soon.

abdoo aljumaily says:

Nice caaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

Enrique Paz says:

I can’t decide between this and the Alto K10… I would use it mainly in
the city and would need to carry suitcases occasionally, but the Alto K10
comes with more features at a lower price… Any suggestions?

Jello Shot says:

I’m thinking about an i20 magna or i10 sports. I don’t live in India but
when I go home (about 1 month every year) I am stranded. So I want
something which will be driven about 1000km per year but should not be
cheap. The other thing that is important for me is if it breaks down the
mechanic down the road should be able to fix it. My family’s other cars
there are Superb (dad) Octavia(brother) (horrible maintenance always broke
down) and a carolla (mum/bahbi). I want it to look part of the family

juankeny88lives says:

sounds nice your i10, check out mine!! is the 1.1 12valve version!!

Astosmastos says:

Хуйня не обзор!

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