Ford Fiesta ST vs Toyota GT86 | evo TRACK BATTLE

Ford Fiesta ST vs Toyota GT86 | evo TRACK BATTLE

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Dante Nanez says:

ya, if you’re going to bitch the whole time driving the the 86, i imagine
you’re going to get unbiased results. not. on top of the fact, a 8 year-old
could read his negative body language behind the wheel of the 86. he might
as well have been crying for his mummy to poor him some porridge the whole
time. ya fucking brits are ruthless. i love it. 

TheRedComet says:

These are easily two of the best performance values on the market–you
can’t really go wrong with either car, and maybe having both would be the
perfect Jalop garage. Cheap to own, cheap to drive, and loads of easy fun.
Both have heritage and pedigree–the Fiesta from Ford’s storied efforts in
rallying, all the way back to the days of the Sierra and Escort, and now
its Fiesta WRC–and the GT86 obviously to the Trueno/Levin AE86 and Sports
GT. I chose the Fiesta ST, but mostly because the GT86 is impractical as
your only car, especially in a snowy climate–and it has no room for stuff.
Do see myself owning one in the future though.

Gary Perkins says:

This presenter is dull!

Der Reportiseur says:

I drove both cars by myself and I must say that the Ford is even much
better. Its very well balanced in corners, accelerates better and is more
dynamic. The Interior has a tougher look. The GT86 though has the perfect
seat position. It really feels like youre in a little race car when you get
in. But when it’s about driving pleasure, you must go for the Ford. Also,
the Ford surprises on the street – the GT86 is a bit of a laugh. When it
comes to a showdown with a GTI, and it will, you will loose. The Fiesta can
keep up until the mark of 200 km/h is reached. At that point the engine
feels like bubble gum stretched to the max. But the GT86 wont bite your
tail. It also misses power at that point. For less than 20 000 Euros the
Fiesta ST is the best car money can buy!

Ronno Capturra says:

nice drive

Spiros Aliprantis says:

I can easily beat the time of 1:31 of the GT86 with the same car, it can do
much better than this and we all know that…!

Matty Hall says:

To the yank below saying get a mustang, you do not understand. Please
commit suicide.

Steven Foo says:

3:39, the put the interior of the GT86 on the Focus ST review.

Tony Teichroeb says:

fiesta is better base, but I’d like to see a set of better tyres on both.

Then I’d still take the BRZ because I’d put a crawford kit on it.

Laurie Mackeson says:

Seems like both cars need a better set of OEM tires. 

Y Wang says:

Love ST!

Evander Smart says:

GT86 is a great sports car in search of great sports car tires
The Ford has more power than chassis

umar ery says:

Ford Wins!

supercooled says:

Get the new Mustang. I4 turbo with over 300HP rather this anemic 200HP. 

adnane adnan says:

i love ford fiesta ……and i have one

Dylan Knight says:

this is the first guy who’s said the fiesta st doesn’t grip well enough.

jay czyzyk says:

excellent review

Andreas Karlsson says:

I test drive both of them but in the end I bought the ST. No regrets!

The G-Man says:

In no way does the Fiesta have “neutral balance”. FWD cars *have* to be
front-heavy. The GT-86 actually has a slight rear-biased weight
distribution, which is ideal for handling. The GT-86 should have blitzed
the Fiesta around this track. Something is definitely not right here.

Rajiv Singh says:

The driver needs to know that you cannot drive a front wheel drive car like
you would a rear wheel drive car. Entry and exit speeds into corners are
different for each above and by way of trying to drift a front wheel drive
car is just wrong !! A very poor impression :(

wtfzweb says:

dam prius tiers

Kape Lëshoje says:

Ford Fiesta ST vs Toyota GT86 | evo TRACK BATTLE

wk chong says:

dream to have a fiesta!

Jamie Gavin says:

never expected the fiesta to be quicker. £16k jumped up shopping car faster
than a £25k purpose made sports car…..not bad!! and lets be honest
everyone who says the gt86 is more fun either cant drift or will never have
a chance to on public roads

Captain Cocoa Puffs says:

This and the Focus ST look amazing, outside of Lexus, most Asian cars have
protruding lines, and bug eyes for their lights.

MrRatoBravo says:

Ford is American , not British

Ashley Wolf says:

The Tiburon? With the lowly V6 engine? That car, unless heavily-tuned, is a

arlun9292 says:

Do you mind telling me which model of tyres you use?

Robroy MacGregor says:

I noticed that too. 😉

O2N2Concepts says:

Its an American company but the Fiesta was developed in UK and Germany and
the ST was done mostly by Team RS in the UK.

Robroy MacGregor says:

I found this video fascinating. I watched the driver’s response as he drove
the two cars. In which car was he most enjoying himself? The answer says it

slabsides1 says:

Also, tires last longer on rear wheel drive cars than front wheel drive.
Putting stickier tires on the GT-86 is an easy fix:)

Vihanga Keshan says:

I dont think its Fair to compare Gt86 to Ford because those cars are whole
different. Rwd and Fwd. and also the RWD is always more fun. I think GT86
not all about numbers its about fun. Next time dont do pathetic comparisons

ZImpresive says:

then you will have too much grip to have fun.

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