All-new Hyundai i30 video

All-new Hyundai i30 video

The new i30 has been launched locally, like its predecessor it has been tailored to Australian conditions, but was designed and engineered in Germany.



TRanceifyable says:

i this, i that.. Why can’t companies use their own brains and think of
something Apple didn’t? Surely some of the designers and Engineers working
for this Korean company can think of something a bit better than the letter
i? i, i, i , i , i Get’s a bit boring… i-robot, i-phone, i-30, i-pod,
i-mac, i-tunes, i-dock

JoshDownUnder says:

To be fair, Apple never had an original thought of it’s own, they never
actually invented anything.

JoshDownUnder says:


KingofKpop says:

Haha nicely made up story

Vaer0 says:

Why would you buy a car with out taking it for a test drive…? Seems like
you didn’t do much research before buying it. Also why would you want all
the doors to lock while driving? Seems very unsafe to do that. What happens
if you were to crash? You would be stuck inside the car because you had to
doors locked.

zivko7 says:

Ok ok, i-get it)))

TRanceifyable says:


andrewkimpton says:

You bought a car without a test drive? Sounds like you shouldn’t be allowed
near money…

KingofKpop says:

funny I don’t have problem with my i30, seems like you have brought from
dodgy car dealer

C Cloughley says:

Wasnt even offered a test drive before we bought it for the missus
,she drove it 1 block and refuses to touch it again its that bad!!! central
locking only operates front doors until key is removed.they can reprogramme
this but despite asking twice hasnt been done.too busy fixing split vac
hoses i suppose!.ive lost $800 in wages dropping it off to be fixed.also
had 3 x engine warning lights as i drove off the yard after having
it fixed!!!i call it….. i have 30 faults

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