2015 Kia Soul EV DETAILED Review and Road Test – In 4K

2015 Kia Soul EV DETAILED Review and Road Test – In 4K

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David Cuccia says:

Hi Alex, great review as always. Just a minor point – looking at Kia’s
website, it appears that the front seats are ventilated, but not actually


Is this consistent with your experience?

Alex on Autos says:
James Gordon says:

Excellent review Alex. You are very good at nailing the differences between
comparable EVs and very adept at accurately describing features and

I am curious about the description of the power train as “a single speed
automatic transmission” at (3.39). rather than the term “direct drive”. The
reason is that I get constant inquiries about the “transmission” in my
Leaf. A small typo at 3:28 where the text indicates 270 lb ft of torque
rather than 210 (the audio is correct)

I am glad that you got to at least see the Plus model. We own a Leaf (that
we are keeping) and purchased a Soul EV Plus more than 4 months ago
(Canada) and are still (tick tock) awaiting delivery. A plus in the Soul
that we identified is the ability to add a standard Soul bike rack (not
available on Leaf) and a (big) negative identified was that one cannot add
an after-market sun roof due on the Soul EV due to the intrusion of the
roof ribbing over the front roof area. We have an after-market sun roof on
the Leaf and love the ability to not only be Eco but enjoy the fresh air
benefits as well.

All the best going forward.

sonamara997 says:

Hey Alex, how do you think the more affordable EV’s like this will compete
with Tesla once the Model 3 is released? If it offers better performance
and luxury in a similar price range (I’m guessing around $30-50k) what
incentive will people have to buy something like this anymore?

venom5809 says:

You should do a quick video that explains what each of these EVs including
the Tesla cost to drive per mile or for the average annual commute based on
average electricity rates and the cost benefit analysis based on current
gas prices and also gas prices when they were at their peak.

corvetkidable says:

You are the man my friend, I’ve been looking for a good in depth video on
the KIA Soul EV and I finally got one! Keep it up your videos are the best!

Jeff Kubel says:

Great review. I’m mostly disappointed that Kia doesn’t offer a better sound
system, LED headlights, and power seats- but in other areas where it
matters, I think Kia did well: Better than average battery, heat pump,
CHAdeMO standard, 6kW charger standard, ventilated and heated seats- the
guts of the car are solid.

I wish the Kia Soul EV was available where I live, I would get one. But as
it stands right now, I’ll probably be buying a used first-get Volt or
holding off for a second gen LEAF or Bolt lease. With the recent bump in
the price of the entry level Model S, it’s looking like the Model 3 will be
a $45,000 car, so that’s out of my price range.

Phu Phillip Trinh says:

the drive link goes to the trunk comfort index, just letting you know :)

man0z says:

Dude cool video but what glasses are you wearing?

annointed10 says:

I love all your videos they are professionally done and very informative,
could you please do a video on the TESLA MODEL S ranging from the 85d to
the P85D, until then I look forward to your next creative video.

Omnis says:

Impressive from Kia. Great review. Hey, Alex, say, “Cool Whip.” :)

Astravall says:

Good review … well i do not really like the design … not really bad but
doesn’t catch me either. Especially the inside look really does not appeal
to me. But perhaps i’m biased as i ordered a BMW i3 ;).

Boris de Melo says:

I quite like the looks of the Soul.

colaboy29 says:

Thank you for the great in-depth review. I’ve been considering moving to an
EV from my 9-year old Civic Hybrid. You review on the EV’s has helped me
tremendously. Looks like I’m deciding between the Golf and the KIA Soul.

Rocker2Roll says:

Great review! Will you be doing a review for the new Scion TC? I am looking
for practical coupes and I’ve heard great feedback on the car.

jowowetan says:

this is a good looking yet very practical car. how comfortable is it for
580/880 commute?

Blake Swan says:

Great review as always but please no more ev reviews for awhile. I feel
like we have had at least a month straight of ev reviews. I watch them
because Alex always makes it informative but these vehicles are not where
it’s at. 

Aleksandr Blekh says:

Thank you, Alex! IMHO not enough comparison with MB B-Class EV, but
otherwise an excellent review, as usual. In regard to the car itself, my
impression is that it has a nice feature contents, but I don’t like the
boxy style (this is, obviously, a personal taste matter).

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