2015 Hyundai Sonata Review

2015 Hyundai Sonata Review

Hyundai does it again, revamping the mid-sized Sonata sedan with more style, great interior and two effective engines. Hyundai helped define the mid-sized se…



venom5809 says:

In lower trims this car makes sense somewhat, but at the top end it is
within range of a fully loaded Azera which comes with a V6 engine and is
more plush and makes more sense. You can also get a base Lexus ES which
even though it may not have the same stuff, it is still a Lexus. And then
when you go down the range there is the Camry and the Accord and the Fusion
and others which just makes things even harder. 

cococly says:

Did you know why Hyundai detuned its 2.0T Engine?

Because the 2010 2.0T engine wasn’t too reliable, so they have to kept
detuning it. It’s like asking Subaru to make a 500hp STi from the same 2.5L
, but it wouldn’t have the same level of reliability as to the current
305hp form.

dave dunn says:

Hyundais are getting wayyy to pricey with wayyy to many option packages. I
also hate the rear taillights and the boxy interior. 

Emerson Yuzik says:

I am going to have to respectfully disagree with you on the styling of the
2010 Sonata. I believe that the 2008 Honda Accord and more notably the
Accord coupe had the dynamic styling before the Hyundai. Great review

Sangmin Lee says:

Please review Eco version with 1.6t engine and 7 speed DCT.
I heard that it is faster than 2.0t and more frugal than 2.4L base engine.

VTEC kick in says:

I think this looks so much better than the previous generation…….. I
thought of that as to feminine.

Ivan Vojt says:

HUMMMM when will Hyundai / Kia get sued AGAIN for BS’ing on MPG mumbers?

Justin C says:

Love the reviews, how did you find the seats? I found the 2014 Accords
seats to be very good but I’ve never been a huge fan of those found in
Camry’s although I haven’t seen the most recent one. 

Jin Han says:

Zack, love your reviews! When will you be doing the review for the new
Genesis from Hyundai? 

Stephen Bradley says:

Wow Hyundai’s have come a long way & much better from the Pony years!
(Before your time?)

Rants Rants Rants says:

I like the new Hyundai, but still don’t know if I could buy one. 25 years
later, and I am still holding a grudge about the Pony that I bought.

MatchuCT says:

Off-topic, but have you heard anything if whether or not the A3 hatchback
is coming to Canada?

FamusFace says:

can you not get an acura TLX with tech package for all that which is a much
better looking and driving car (2.4L)? This looks nice though. I like it

Yao Xiao says:

Like watching your reviews. Keep them coming!

J Searcy says:

Its pretty astonishing how big of a leap Kia and Hyundai have made in just
5 years. Turned around their companies.

bawi hniang says:

it interior looks like audi s4 abit.

DRkangyo says:

do you still find Hyundai’s driver seat position to be high up compared to
other competitors

JayJuiceOn says:

The 2.0T ultimate doesn’t have heated steering wheel. FYI. 

Arcticarc1 says:

I think it’s a really nice car. Lots of space inside. Just not with that

Motormouth Canada says:

The #HyundaiSonata is vastly improved for 2015 with all-new styling, new
interior and refined engines. @hyundaicanada

natascorpus666 says:

I want ur job! 

Nickolas Singh says:


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