2014 Honda Accord vs. 2015 Hyundai Sonata

2014 Honda Accord vs. 2015 Hyundai Sonata

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jamesgjt says:

accord is getting older… and will get a refresh soon for sure to match
other competitors. They sure will adjust issues on the current model.
Sonata on the other hand is a new model and of course they targeted all the
accord faults. But Accord is not a bad design, consider it as an Acura
little bro with lower price tag (over 10000 cheaper plus u r driving same
platform, engine, setup to the TLX). The accord is up in the market for yrs
already and still win some trophies over the sonata, then u will see its
potential back in the day it released.

kirbyswarp says:

I guess Italicizing a Honda doesn’t make it better…

juan tafoya says:

1. Mazda 6
2. Honda Accord
3. Ford Fusion
4. Camry XSE
5. Sonata/ VW Passat 

TheSpritz0 says:

WHY ohh WHY is an Accord C H E A P E R than a Sonata????????

ghd bfb says:

Best cvt my ass everyone knows subaru has the best cvt’s ..

Knight_19 says:

+AutoGuide.com The Accord you tested has LED headlights which are only
available on the V6 model. Looks like you screwed up on the specs as its a
V6 model not a 4 cylinder you tested. 

RayzaBlayz says:

no matter how many car makers try to compete against the accord, it will
always win

gamerguy348 says:

How did you manage to get the Canadian Touring for testing?

King Jack says:

Sonata over accord any day! 

Garrick Ivey says:

2014 Honda Accord vs. 2015 Hyundai Sonata: http://youtu.be/WYVS8ILElio

ch9arizona says:

Korean car? Never! 

Get Dynamic says:

Hyundai all the way

Kristoff Kristoffersun says:

I’ll most definitely buy the Honda Accord over the Sonata… first off
better resale value and that is what Hondas will always be known for, also
better overall reliability and quality another Honda strong suit. Plus the
Sonata is just damn boring to look at, all its competition is becoming more
stylish, jeez even the Camry kicked it up a notch or two in the style
department, I always said this and will continue to say it the only Hyundai
products I’ll buy is the Equus, Azera and Genesis… the rest of them I
don’t care for.

NIKEFan says:

The new Sonata looks like the test tube baby of a Taurus, Fusion and

John Appleseed says:

Bought a 2014 Accord 6 months ago. Though I only have 5000 miles on it, it
is still an awesome car and delivers MUCH better mpg than my 2011 Pilot
(which is expected, of course).

TheCannon521 says:

Cvts suck booo

ViewerVerdict says:

u know what fuck hondas and acuras, i so fuckin hate these two brands,
congratulation hyundai u made a statement out there , i like the interior ,
it’s up to date it feels german more than any asian car

MrCorgh says:

Rented a prev gen Sonata a few weeks ago, it was so numb and loose, I never
felt control. Hyundai has an overload of features it can put in a brochure,
yet fails at driving feel and actually being a car.

Sangmin Lee says:

Hyundai Sonata is new Camry

Sean Mangubat says:

I’d go with the Accord but both are still way better than the new Camry.

Gergely Kondás says:

I’d prefer to have an Accord!
And its interior looks much better!

And guys!
You are always making AMAZING videos!
I really enjoy them! THX

Leo Tanzi says:

Hyundai has some of the most beautiful cars on the market. Including

MrNuggetface says:

Did anyone mention 5/60 vs 10/100 game over

gallyun1 says:

Both are good cars, you can’t really lose.

Ivan Vojt says:

Skip to :58

Christopher .WalkenPNW says:


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