2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser First Drive Review

2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser First Drive Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) Base price is just under $27000. To add all the special features you’re looking at $34000. You’re probably not going to buy the F…



brontoab1 says:

Who the hell thinks that this looks like a mini humvee???????

jose guzman says:

bla bla is me money i buy me toyota fj

nyak63RUS says:

This dude SUCKS!!

Keyser Soze says:

This is some Rambo sh@t!! 😀

thinkfaster says:

Man, I love that clean simple dash. It seems like most affordable cars are
either stuck in the early 2000s “we can model blobby NURBS objects on our
computers!” bulbousity or the more recent ‘anime robot covered with
buttons’ aesthetic.

kenz3737 says:

too much lame music — not enough information

Kevitivity says:

Great old school “tv” like review”

Tim Pedersen says:

fuck yeah there are 3

Kevitivity says:

You even included a really bad pun!

1986aray says:

I don’t want to make you sound stupid but maybe you should do some research
before making dumb comments. First of all compare approach, departure and
breakover angles. FJ= 34, 31, and 27 degrees of approach, departure and
breakover. Helix= 34, 25, 20. And thats from Toyota’s website. Not to
mention the helix has a much longer wheel base and anyone who knows
anything about 4x4ing knows a long wheel base cuts your capability. So
maybe you need to stop bullshiting yourself and get some knowledge

Yia Yang says:

I been driving FJ for the last 5 years and i have owned 2 so far i love
this truck so much very nice and the 3 vipers blade are out of this world
very small size and i love how when u drive the roof is blocking alot of
sun out ur eyes and what this man is talking about its true and for the
tire mostly with a 17 inch u going to run about 150-300 per tires or maybe
more just base on how you want your tires to look oil change for 2009 under
oil change are easy but 2010 up its a whole new story. ^^

couchkamote says:

good reviewer.

carlover345 says:

2:47 The doors are called “suicide doors.” Most extended cab trucks use
them. Not that hard to use…

sam wylock says:

sweet when i can hear the music but not the guy talking

aky19832001 says:

He took it for a nice cruise in the local park, not off road. Its still a
good vehicle.

ad5000donnell says:

Omg the sound on this sounds like it was recorded from my first cell phone

7150285 says:

well isn’t full time 4×4 means you cannot switch to 4×2 to raise gas

Harpreet Binning says:

aha it made me laugh when he said “i’m a guy so i’m easily confused”. i am
confused all the time too.

Brian567899 says:

My left ear thanks you

7150285 says:

as only as it has 4X4 option then it’ll have a rear diff lock?

7150285 says:

does it have front and rear diff lockers?

Shuffle3956 says:

Dave, I usually go camping and have driven my 96 Honda Civic Cx in a lot
more brutal terrains than you have driven this FJ cruiser.

bajabilly2004 says:

ive got a 2008 and its AWESOME!!!! love it

bajabilly2004 says:

I’m not sure but I don’t think so, the automatic transmission actually is
rated for more mpg than the 6 speed stick, took mine to Maine last Saturday
all highway driving and I got 22.4 mpg and mines an automatic tranny with

cecil anderson says:

From an owner of an 08 FJ, i love this thing. and yes, its a beast offroad..

Tyler Kovacs says:

@seangeron1995 hes fucking hot 2, lol

7150285 says:

I hope they’ll start making front AND rear diff lock FJs since it’s a
vehicle designed for serious hardcore offroading… anyway so the 6 speed
manual can’t switch to 4×2 in order to save gas like the automatic??

sam wylock says:

this must mean i blew out my left -_-

xdivisionx says:

I never liked the FJ Cruiser…….

1986aray says:

Damb right! And I don’t even own one but one day it will be mine oh yes it
will be mine. The only other vehicle that compares is a jeep rubicon. I’ve
test driven both and prefer the FJ

retnuh2010 says:

Thanks for the vid, I found some stuff out about the car. But off roading?
Its more like grassy field and pine needle hill roading

Greg Hines says:

i went to HS with Dave. Freaks me out seeing him in my computer.

mitch regiment says:


Eric M says:

did he always sound like he was in an info-mercial?


I like him better than those other two guys

SchrodingersCat_ says:

My left ear loved the video, but it left my right ear sad.

rocknrollax42 says:

so you have gone from a shit car to another shit car good for you. 4runners
are useless and ugly, the FJ is also useless and is nothing compared to the
original. all modern 4×4’s are shit except, the 70 series, wrangler ,
defender and they’re very much the same as they have always been.

Matthew Hansen says:

Toyota might make some of the dullest most forgettable cars in the world
but one thing they are good at is off road cars. They have some legends
from the past and now and no, not all are sold in the U.S. Granted majority
don’t go off road. I do like this FJ Cruiser. And the older Land Cruisers.

bajabilly2004 says:

the fj comes in 4×2, 4×4, if you get the 6 speed manual transmission you
get full time 4×4 like the forerunner, if you get the automatic you get
part time 4×4 that you can lock in and out as you need it, if you order it
in 4×4 you have the option of getting the rear diff lock if you want it but
just because you get it in 4×4 doesnt mean it has the rear diff lock.

bajabilly2004 says:

well you were right, i looked it up, only configuration the 2 wheel drive
comes in is with an automatic

Fjsouth says:

low 20’s try maybe 15 if your lucky

systemaddictshock says:

3:53 That’s what mirrors are for.

conlazycat says:

this guy is good 🙂

Brandon Proctor says:

Its so much beter than a hummer

Jordan2451 says:

great reviews, great videos, great people, just pure greatness

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