2010 Hyundai Tucson Limited Start Up, In Depth Review/Tour, and Short Drive

2010 Hyundai Tucson Limited Start Up, In Depth Review/Tour, and Short Drive

In this video I give a full in depth tour of the 2010 Hyundai Tucson Limited. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car wh…



Mac S says:

How good is the sound system?ο»Ώ

greenjack333 says:

one reason I would get this car is because It would still work during a
zombie apocalypse. ο»Ώ

mrstephen0693 says:

I would def love your advice on this suv!

Saabkyle04 says:

@noopsky13 he was a good friend of mine that wanted to come check out what
I do

rubiks15 says:

@Scotty6211 some Automakers do that for instant brand recognition. Like
Volkswagen grilles and Cadillac grilles.

Travis Clarke says:

can the cargo cover come out becuase the bar going across would stil be in
the way for big stuff?

Tha89Kid says:

Kyle-XM Voice lady-Pardon? Kyle-XM Voice lady-Pardon? FAIL!!! sorry kyle.
aren’t supposed to say “XM Radio”

jordan pruitt says:

Whats with the guy behind you?

Sonicman1979 says:

Nice job on the tour. Thanks!

lunumx says:

whoa. that guy in blue with the shorts is an epicreeper

dean nomaha says:

No, you did not get the message. They call Americans and Westerners that
“bad name”.

uhustic4545 says:

@saabkyle04 ahha i know broo i watch your videos !

Jake Wrightson says:

Hi-Yun-Dye lol

ashleybynes says:

Who is the dude wearing the blue green shirt that is behind you? Is he from
hyundai or something?

La DC de Juan says:

donΒ΄t hesitate. tucson forever. sportage does about 18 mpg, or 30 kpg. and
also saportage is horrible πŸ™‚

David Lawman says:

cool video, thanks!

Jonah Kaufman says:

@Capthunter95 me toooo πŸ˜€

hyki2011 says:

isnt this car supposed to have push button start?

Kevin J says:

Could u do a video on a fully loaded Elantra?

TheCarArchives says:

the average MPG on the 2010 Hyundai Tucson Automatic 2WD is 23 City 31
Highway the average MPG on the 2010 Hyundai Tucson Automatic 4WD is 21 City
28 Highway

Saabkyle04 says:

@pjtart he didn’t want to interrupt my video haha

Saabkyle04 says:

@DSH1ZZN1T friend of mine that came with me

WorldOfIvillis says:

Let see your disadvantage because I’ve seen your useless post for over a
year now on every single video I’ve seen that was related to Korea. Support
Japan and not Korea? While other countries eat turtles their OKAY but when
it’s a dog all of a sudden it’s hell? No, You don’t see it. Pigs are
brutally killed day by day for our meat and so are fish, so when did dogs
become more important than any other animal in this world? And if you
didn’t know Korean people DO OWN DOGS. Some are bred to eat.

nicolov3i says:

Thank you so much for this Tucson vid. :DD Keep it up!

Jonah Kaufman says:

I heard the car has poor visibility, and is noisy. What do you think?

theenigmajeffhardy1 says:

Should I get a Tucson gls Or a sonata se 2011 both please help

centrodromme says:

maserati kubang πŸ˜›

1bentley4ever says:

Another great product from Hyundai, my new favorite mainstream car maker!
Beautiful color combo! Will there be a Genesis sedan review?

Jonah Kaufman says:

Did you think the engine was noisy? How was the visibility?

Justin Prater says:

The interior design is so ugly!

Saabkyle04 says:

@Tha89Kid actually FYI, you say XM in the Genesis Coupe, I know because I
have one, you have to train your voice to the system, I didn’t do it before
hand, I had to do it in mine before it would recognize properly

monkeystar2307 says:

I think you need to invest in a newer camera. (less exposure and higher
resolution) but other than that, nobody on the face of this planet gives a
better tour of any car.

uhustic4545 says:

xm fail haha

krisscarc says:

great video!!! nice car to…

2fast4all says:

@St0pTrashTyping not even close..get your eyes checked..

Saabkyle04 says:

@fatbradlehs haha sorry πŸ˜›

Saabkyle04 says:

@1bentley4ever yep, got it coming, a 4.6!

Fares al haded says:

this is the first video i saw from your Chanel

2valiumland says:

Who else but Kyle could rock jorts and boat shoes?! Love you!!

bmwmsport11 says:

Ok car. The price tag is pretty steep though considering this is a CUV. You
can get a sante fe sport for $30k too and have a bigger car at the same

paolo tuazon says:

Is that the top of the line model?

LordKevin92 says:

of all the new hyundais, the genesis coupe and this one are my favorite πŸ™‚
this tucson could be the only suv id choose(i usually dont like SUVs)

Alfonso Cham says:

very nice car i have one of 2008 and its an excellent car

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