Volkswagen Polo Vs Hyundai Elite i20 Test Drive Comparison – Autoportal

Volkswagen Polo Vs Hyundai Elite i20 Test Drive Comparison – Autoportal Both these cars are the current top dogs in the upper end of the premium hatchback segment. Both of…




Bought polo petrol highline Over i20 , bcos I liked how the polo feels
while driving and its unibody structure . My priority was excellent
engineering and professional looks , which I think polo offers. 

Abhishek Chauhan says:

you always say in every comparison video that “you really cant go wrong
with either one of them” so political way of making both car makers happy.

shashi bhushan kunda says:

If u have money please buy a compact suv or a compact sedan. Dont buy
hatchbacks. Most of them have cramped seats. I have a duster and no
hatchback comes close to it in terms of comfort

J C Bose Kantipudi says:

Very well made comparison, thank you. However, I feel the following points
should been covered/included:
1. Polo is the best in Safety department. All Polo models (right from base
trendline) are 4-star NCAP safety rated. Where as Elite i20 gets only
3-star and that too only in top-end Asta (This understanding is based on
the news that Hyundai Australia rejected Indian manufactured Hyundai Elite
i20 citing below par safety, its recently in news). All other models of i20
are 0 rated I think, much similar to MS Swift.
Airbags are available on all models of VW Polo, which is huge advantage and
ABS is also available from mid-version onwards, where as in Elite i20 you
must opt for top-end Asta to get both airbags & ABS. You didnt cover this
point even in your Standard Polo review.
I think, you people really can promote the importance of safety to
UNINFORMED buyers, through these wonderful reviews.
The catch is, Hyundai is forcing customers buy fancy stuff like power
folding mirrors, start/stop system, etc, if an informed customer want to go
for a model having basing safety of airbags & abs.
How many Asta models of i20s you see on road, when compared to Sportz &
Magna, very less isn’t it.
Its high time that customers also need to understand that ABS is much more
useful feature than probably power folding mirrors and that safety features
(ABS & airbags) can not be fitted as aftermarket accessories.

2. Hyundai Elite i20 offers split folding rear seats in top-end, which is a
clear advantage.

3. The title of the review should probably mention VW Polo GT vs Hyundai
Elite i20. As you actually talked abt 104 bhp GT TDi version in the
comparison. If you meant to cover both Standard Polo & GT Polo TDi version,
you should have mentioned abt both 89 bhp & 104 bhp versions

4. Service costs: Based on the information I have from my colleagues, i20
service costs are more than that of a Polo, if not the same, these days. Do
note that service interval of a Polo is 1-year/15k kms and that of Elite
i20 is 6-months/10k kms and both use synthetic engine oil grade.

codenamearun says:

New i20 excellent car compared to older generation which has some
negatives, new i20 is complete package

codenamearun says:

Yes bolt is better match for i20 in features, but diesel engine of bolt is
not that good, but petrol engine on bolt is really good

Kevin Paul says:

polo itself is a special car on its on ! Its cute , strong and many more.
Solid Build Quality and ride quality is very good . VW has spent its money
on making their car safe and to state it as a quality product.

rajTrondhjem10 says:

Five most important things to look for in a car for Indian driving
1) ABS for safety
2) High ground clearance (at least 165 mm) to clear speed bumps
3) Rear parking sensors
4) Automatic gears (AMT/CVT) for effortless and stress-free driving
5) Automatic A/C for convenience and comfort

Sandeep Gangadharan says:

Nice matchup, but frankly the Bolt and not the Polo would have been the
better match to the i20. The Bolt may be cheaper but is great bang for the
buck with outstanding features for the price like touchscreen info system,
voice commands, video playback, SMS read-out etc. that are missing in the
i20. The high price of the i20 can be justified only for the Euro spec
version. Will you oblige?

praneeth reddy says:

nice review very informative if u can add maintainance of the cars and real
old mileage it will be more useful

sahib hora says:

You have a TN car and youre testing it in vasant vihar, delhi?

Reddylion says:

nice vid !

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