Volkswagen Amarok Vs Toyota Hilux – XCAR

Volkswagen Amarok Vs Toyota Hilux – XCAR

XCAR have a new long termer but how does the VW Amarok compare to the Toyota Hilux?



Stephen N says:

I am shocked that they haven’t brought this to the US yet. Americans are
obsessed with pickup trucks. Perhaps they’re worried about market

EpochOfReason1 says:

Nissan Patrol….. VK56DE, enough said.

Dejan Mitić says:

Americans must LEARN. Diesel engine have 3x higher TORQUE, and 2x lower
consumption. GERMAN cars = construction like a concrete

mattheginger says:

I don’t know what he’s talking about with fuel consumption! My Hilux gets
8.3 L/100kms whereas the Amarok gets about 7… It’s more economical but
not by a whole heap. 

turshin says:

I’ll take my Ram long horn 3 liter turbo diesel that gets 27 mpg and still
has 400ft-lbs of torque. 

Noel Jacobs says:

I live in Central America, and here the Hilux is the number one selling
truck, and it’s proven it self well, and the Amarok wasn’t well received ,
people were skeptical including myself. t finally got a chance to do some
off roading in it, I was impressed, just wasn’t on par with the hilux. I
appreciated the car like feel and comfort, today the Amarok is mostly used
as business trucks for the government. The Hilux is still known as the ”
workhorse” around here. 

Max FV says:

they could have said that its made in argentina..

adilakram67 says:

The Amarok May Be Better Bulit But If I Was Stuck In The Artic Or A Desert.
The Hilux Is The One That I Would Like To Be In After A Few Hundred
Thousand Miles The Hilux Would Still Be Working Perfectly. Whereas The VW
will Have Some Expensive Technical Issue.

Sebastian Hejlman says:

i was driving amarok ofc plastic on dashboard is better than in hilux
but…Hilux is still number one..VW new TDI series engines sucks there is a
lot of problems with overhead,engine block,injectors etc etc.i am not
supprised people in Australia love and respect Hilux it is really hard
working car,good reliable work mate

FiredEmpire says:

looks just like the dacia duster on steroids…i mean, meh

Sérgio Gonçalves says:

Send this to Afrika and then u see. Hillux will resist a nuclear blast. 

kamikazikaizer says:

I see nothing but toyota in other countries. Have you ever seen a vw or ram
in shows where they go to desert and jungle? I don’t think so

bandwagon240 says:

The only people who are going to buy the VW are people who just go to the
shops and are brand snobs. They won’t mind it breaking down or falling
apart since in their eyes, VW can do no wrong. I’ll take the legendary
Toyota any day.

Jack Ewen says:

Woo Hoo New Zealand!!!

TheStokeBeaver says:

I’ve owned an Amarok for the last three years, done some serious off
roading with it too. Off road like all duel cabs it’s size is the major
problem, most UK lanes are frequented by Defenders which are no where near
as wide so it’s tight width wise (i’ve ripped mirrors off and have the
dents/scratches to show gained while out with them trying to fit down the
same lanes), the long wheel base doesn’t help with ground clearance either.
If you do go offroad in a duel cab put some weight in the bed, there’s not
enough weight over the rear axle.

Mine has 1″ suspension lift with bilsteins, 2″ bigger diameter tyres,
snorkel, full underbody protection and mapped to over 200bhp. No major
problems yet but time will tell, the Amarok needs to prove itself with
reliability and that takes time.

The original Hilux’s were simple and bullet proof but the newer ones are
just as technically advanced as everything else and not as reliable as
their reputation.

ReelissuesTV says:

Bring the hilux to the states!!!!

Jordan Hilman says:

Comparing this to a Hilux may work for a video review. However, put on a
few hundred thousand miles and you will find out the VW is guaranteed to
cost you more money in upkeep and maybe even leave you stranded because of
some stupid german electrical issue….

hibritto says:

blah blah blah blah

Eton Thompson says:

Volkswagens in general are under-rated in terms of their truly awesome
durability and reliability. The Amarok is very popular here in Jamaica.

MrSkyTek says:

Toyota Owns Volkswagen Easily …

happy543210 says:

twin turbocharging is a recipe for unreliability…advantage, Toyota!

juan tafoya says:

The Amorok is nice but the Hilux is more reliable and you never need to fix
it, the Amorok will probably cost you 2x as much as Hilux with all the
repairs and maintenance.

Lucas Telmo says:


Ben Charlton says:

Nice review… apart from the Range Rover comparison that is!

eavenegas88 says:

you guys should do a review of the up coming Ford F-150. I’d like to see
what you guys think about it. It’d be best if you did an unconventional
comparison as well, just to keep things really interesting. F-150 vs.
Hillux vs. Range Rover. I think that might be sorta cool. You could
compare everything people look for in a truck: towing capacity, off-road
capability, ruggedness, value, ect…

dimos k says:

looks like a rock…give it a couple of years, and don’t forget to mention
the bill from repairing all the broken parts

TurboDifferent says:

I wish it came with the 3.0 TDI and zf 8 speed! Than it would be suitable
to pull some weight

Armen Tevikyan says:

Mitsubishi L200 the best pickup

oscar tapiero says:

In real life wars the Hilux is the villain driven by warlords 

iBOOM says:

You should review the Ford Ranger. It is also a nice piece of engineering.

Martin Bang Olesen says:

that vw front looks a lot like a dacia duster

Thiago Beux says:

Amarok e uma droga vaza agua do uma droga

Ronny Finseth says:

You compare a Hilux fitted with offroad gear with a standard Amarok, how
biased towards the Amarok can you really be?
Not to mention that the Amarok cost a lot more, at least in Norway (approx
Prizes in dollar, Hilux 64 000, Amarok 97 000), both with most stuff,
biggest engine etc

1nmasuku says:

3LD4D in the Hilux is one amazing engine & it’s an extremely fun truck to
chuck around on the farm. But must say of all the trucks/utes come rain or
shine give me an HSV or FPV, don’t care if I can’t go off-road I’ll
compromise for that addictive speed & power you can get. 

Thomas Blake says:

Purely Amarok marketing video..

Victor Sanchez says:

Why not the Ranger?

Max FV says:

you are a relative of the other bald guy right??

Jacques Ferreira says:

Have both. Amarok much better. Feels 3 generations newer.

Kevin Christiansen says:

I’d rather see the European Ranger come to the US than this Amarok. It’s
ugly and small looking. As the F150 gets bigger and bigger, the ranger has
a spot again.

rapandrnb says:

The Hilux has no equal !

Juan Lara says:

Was not that Toyota beaten by a Nissan Patrol

Darren Loke says:

Another stunt pulled by VW to start taking over Toyota in a few years.

bradley mathieson says:


Stavros969 says:

Well done on the camera work, great job.

Don Calico says:

@XCARFilms Really, how hard was it to get a stock Hilux?

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