Video Review & Test Drive of the 2012 Hyundai Accent SE 6 MT

Video Review & Test Drive of the  2012 Hyundai Accent SE 6 MT’s Kevin Gordon gives impressions of the 2012 Hyundai Accent SE from the road.



DAVID Y says:

I really prefer the compact size of the Accent hatch over the Elantra GT,
even though the GT is more refined. Does the Accent get loud over highway
expansion joints ? Also the lack of cup holders for rear passengers is
puzzling, and Hyundai hasn’t address that for 2013.

Autosavant says:

@ThirdEsquire182 The shifting in the Accent is pretty good. It isn’t quite
what you might find in a Honda Fit (the class leader in my opinion), but
does not have any major problems. I actually have some additional footage
about shifting it without the clutch, which means that the gears are well
syncronized. I think you’d be happy with it.

Erika Schmidt says:

I have heard some rumors about the motor mounts and erratic idling. Did you
notice anything on the 2012 Accent SE or 2013 if you have driven it
already? That is the only negative thing I have heard about this car so

jordanthecat says:

Thanks for the test-drive with commentary.

Alex Botbyl says:

Ive read complaints about the shifter. Are there any issues with the MT or
shifting? It would be my first manual car as a relatively new driver (3
years or so).

Autosavant says:

No problem. This is the first comment we have received from a feline.

LyoneC says:

Making me want this more. Have an ’08 Accent GS Auto Blue but want the
2013/2014 Accent SE 6 speed Blue or Silver

1maxroman says:

the smallest hyundai is and I think have been for a long time – i10
(getz?). Then goes i20 and equivalent. and then i30 (accent).

Boujai12 says:

What do you think of the durability of the motor? We know Toyota’s 1.5 in
the Yaris is bullet proof. But can this 1.6 hang in there for the long
haul? To me, the Hyundai engine at idle sounds like a sewing machine from
the 70’s. I’m not being sarcastic. I just want to be sure before I really
consider the car…Again If you just listen to Toyota’a 1.8, which runs
forever, and 1.5. They seem more refined..what do you think?

Al Iraqi says:

its actually a good car but im not sure which one to buy a Kia Rio 2013 or
the Accent …on my opinion the Rio looks much better than the Accent
anyway the video really helped thnx 🙂

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