Toyota Yaris SE Road Test & Review by Drivin’ Ivan Katz

Toyota Yaris SE Road Test & Review by Drivin’ Ivan Katz

Drivin’ Ivan Katz reviews the Toyota Yaris SE. See all of his videos, read all his reviews & articles and see slideshows here:…



luke19631963 says:

I got my Yaris SE last June and really like it. It zips around town and is
an ease to park. When looking for this model no local dealers had one. Had
to get it from a dealer up state. Not many SE models were imported compared
to the L and LE.

Boujai12 says:

yes there is, with a stick too

ThatDudeEddiee0 says:

I love how optimistic this guy is. Other car reviewers would just be saying
bad things like how small it is or cargo area or horsepower etc … Some
people just want a practical, reliable car that gets you from point A to
point B, thats great on gas milage and EASY for city driving. Like me. (:

focusonthegreen says:

Like the new look for sure. Just boggles my mind why Toyota has not put in
a 5 or 6 speed auto in this or the Corolla. Would help mileage get to
competitor’s level.

qazwas2001 says:

you called it a 4 liter engine instead of a 4 cylinder engine.

Fedor Flierman says:

good review pik.

Harvey Duncan says:

A lot of the major mags (Car & Driver and Motor Trend) give the Yaris SE
good reviews. It consistently got third out of six against cars like the
Rio and Accent, even beating the Fit once. That’s not nearly as bad as the
old Yaris or Echo used to get.

Tiffeny lynette says:

Looks nice

luxurykid666 says:

Only review of this car I’ve seen where the reviewer doesn’t massacre the
Yaris and claim it to be the worst car on the road

supercooled says:

“Some controls on the steering wheel, I’m not sure what they do but its
nice to have”

Andrea Cianfano says:

my son is geting a yaris se when he is 16

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