Toyota Yaris Review – Kelley Blue Book

Toyota Yaris Review – Kelley Blue Book

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Mbaze Pashtufu says:

@1mckayj what do you expect form a toyota

Music Night says:

such a hardcore chick car

Ricky Anthony says:

@76ersbbball lol

Earl Matthew Avila says:

This Yaris Sedan is also known as Toyota Belta in Japanese market & Toyota
Vios in South East Asian markets.

KrokodilaGena says:

@NissanFan120 I know!! But here in europe we dont get the sedan … so I
quess you know what am I driving and how do I feel… well there are worse
cars, right? lol

ladyyuna2000 says:

@76ersbbball look asshole it not the gas pedal that’s the problem it’s the
idiot and moron that cant drive.

Jeff Mckay says:

this car looks really gay.

JeepCherokeeKid says:

lol here we use v8 sedans that get 5mpg you guys are lucky lol

abayana says:

got 13 yo toyota revo…only go to the shop for filter and oil and tire
change…a friend working at a n.carolina ford dealership was amazed how
smooth it still run…love fords as well…everest

shoptilyoudrop says:

dont know how true but an auto mechanic friend of ours says that if
everyone in town drove toyotas that he would be out of a business.

betekvs says:

it was already avaible europe before it came to the U.S.

jarvin21 says:

in the Philippines, we have a different Yaris, and that Yaris is called
Toyota Vios

CoolBreezyBrees says:

I actually have the sedan. It’s a pretty good car

chrizid says:

where is the auxiliary input jack?

marabdl says:

sedan looks great. I would be embarrassed driving the hatchback

djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

@Rezxer i agree the fit is wayy overpriced for a honda

tsipymusic says:

yeah…and we also have the Innova and the Revo, fuel-efficient SUVs…they
don’t make those here in the United States

rookie33333 says:

I checked out the Yaris hatchback but couldn’t find one with cruise control
and hated the way they put the odometer in the middle of the dash! I ended
up buying a Honda Fit after I fell in love with it’s Magic Seat! I can fit
my bike, luggage, surf board (if i owned one) and sleep comfortably
overnight in the Fit. I would recommend checking out the Honda Fit first
before the Yaris…although if gas mileage is your only concern, you can’t
really go wrong with either 🙂

DimebagVision says:

wha…wha… what? This car isn’t “sporty?” Enterprise rented me one while
my truck was in the shop, and the Yaris has potential to haul ass. It has
good acceleration power, but with an octane boost, it’ll FLLYYY. I’d buy
one of these for the fuck of it and re-build it if i had money to throw

zepeterinma says:

im getting the 2011 one for my birthday. :/ hope the gas pedal isnt as bad
as people say.

richie s says:

you know your life is over when you get a yaris… no offense. get a honda
civic or a fiat or SOMETHING… ANYTHING other than that! :O

caezar1993 says:

Perfect car. i dont know why Americans outstand little things as if they
were disadvantages. Maybe there are some for them, but as they think they
are the reference of the world in everything remark what for us might be
ideal and very comfortable. I love my Yaris Sedan, never had one like it
before, and it is very unlikely I would get rid of it, it is too good to be
true, and at a very low price, cheaper than any American expensive and gas
consuming car.

djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

too bad is used as taxi’s in my country, so the resale value is not as high
as it competitors because of its image as cabs..

Craig H says:

Anyone interested in this vehical needs to watch the crash testing footage.
What a joke. If you plan on buying this car you better get some good life
insurance. If you are caught in a accident you are sure to be killed.

Richard John says:

@shoptilyoudrop he shoukd know how to fix them all, or he aint no mechanic.

mrissa511 says:

It seems to me that the Toyota Yaris is good because it Kenny Smith Jumps
Japan industry master of the world to the modern age .. Speaking about the
Yaris sedan it the peak of comfort and elegance, but security is not good
enough and wonderful in so that the fuel consumption very few unlike
Alstaap U.S.

lactumplus says:

9km/L city and 14km/L highway 1.5L A/T

KPonliner says:

which is better ? yaris sedan or SX4 sedan ?

Sacram3nt0 says:

this is a cool car…but the dashboard layout is irritating and is hard to
get used to

Cody Leslie says:

yeah the new yaris looks pretty awesome really.

Cody Leslie says:

I guess it depends on your definition of “quality”. If you are looking for
super high quality materials in the interior(leather, fancy gizmo’s) then
you’re going to have to look at the higher end stuff. If quality means a
vehicle that you can perform minimal upkeep on and drive for many years,
then Toyota is a perfect choice. If you seek luxury look at Lexus, its
still a Toyota.

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