Toyota Yaris review 2014 | TELEGRAPH CARS

Toyota Yaris review 2014 | TELEGRAPH CARS

The Toyota Yaris has been revised for 2014, combining its spacious interior with funky new styling and cleaner engines. Our review reveals if the changes are…



Gary W says:

Toyota made one big mistake with this facelift. The Yaris has always been
lagging behind its rivals but the pre-facelift model was a lot cheaper than
them which gave it a look-in.

If you look at the prices now for this new model (which is after all just a
cosmetic revision), you can see that they have gone up by about £1500 when
you compare like for like spec wise. Sure they threw in a few extras but
nothing to justify that rise.

That puts them too close to superior rivals. They appear to be responding
as I see they have bought back the 0% finance and are chucking in two years
of servicing but for me it is not enough.

FilmNoir says:

Nice review

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