Toyota Yaris Hybrid video test review by Honest John

Toyota Yaris Hybrid video test review by Honest John

Honest John describes and drives the new 79g/km CO2 Toyota Yaris Hybrid. Full road test, specs and details at



belson alan says:

We bought one 18 months ago. It is an utter delight to drive, it’s fully
automatic and as smooth as silk. We are averaging 4.5 litres per 100km
[63mpg] in general motoring, and our best consumption was a trip of 3.5
litres/100km [80 mpg]. That 100hp electric motor plus engine gives a
fantastic overtaking boost and it will hit 100mph if you are that foolish.
Downside? The boot is rather small and the sat-nav is …well… crap. We
turned it off and stuck our TomTom on the screen!

CAESARbonds says:

cood review, but you did mot mention that it is quite zippy. and it almost
can compete with a polo gti when accelerating, and the polo hast 180 hp
compared to the 100 ot the yaris. search in youtube for “yaris hybrid polo”

jonny5alive555 says:

Retired people?

Michael Kenny says:

Can’t imagine the reversing camera is much use pointing up at the sky like
that, lol.

luci dipace says:

in romania it cost 15.999 E the sol version

Eskimopride07 says:

The hatch was prolly up lol

Widejeans76 says:

Hell yeah! Thta’s the defintive city car, way better than any diesel.
Dieselin the city mileage is totally useless and you have billions of
problems with the FAP filter.

CAESARbonds says:

in the US the interior is designed after the prius, like the center spedo
and the hybrid info system. in germany and europe ze customers might ze be
scared, so we get analoge dials…

kentin gillom says:

Revolutionary car

TheAlfaRomeoFan says:

Not sure if a joke or a serious review…

Peter Griffiths says:

The WORST thing about a lot of cars is that it is almost impossible to get
in and out of the front and rear seats through the door apertures. Why do
they make using their doors feel like an episode of the krypton factor?!

hutchcraftcp says:

Some countrys have this as standard. Sounds as if the UK doesn’t.

niceguy60 says:

Why is the reversing camera is pointing to the sky 0:57 ?

Wilson Tsang says:

400,000 miles in prius?? :O

José Sousa says:

Problem I have with this car is the price…. without any noticeable
standard equipment the cheapest model costs roughly 20000€ in my country…
VW Polo diesel with a bunch of extras costs less… And if we go to Skoda
Fabia things get even worse for the Yaris … I mean, it is a nice car, but
the price difference in my country would buy you fuel for a few years at
the very least. I know that countries are different, it is a pain to see
the prices around here…

StarDustSid says:

Is the boot open?

TheEGGtech says:

Optional height adjustment for the seats ? :/

Honest John says:

Er, reflection of the sky, Monkeyboy. Just a bad shot because of the light.
HJ should have re-shot, but looks like the whole thing was so rushed he
didn’t have time. You have obviously never ever been on a car launch.

pedrof830 says:

in the US this is the Prius C

nomis says:

Worst test guy ever. Booooring

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