Toyota Yaris Hybrid Hatchback car review

Toyota Yaris Hybrid Hatchback car review

The Toyota Yaris should be completely reliable, plus it’s well equipped and easy to drive. However, many other superminis perform other roles much better tha…



Morten Crone Juster says:

Love mine. Best mini I ever had.

Matt Vaz says:

Sat nav u got to pay for it. ;( i got the hybrid yaris and it dnt come as

Ricardo Hernandez says:

If you know hybrid synergy drive, you know it doesn’t have to be plugged
it, the battery is charged when the vehicle is idle. For example, at red
lights, or when you drive at low speeds, etc… 

F Ahmad says:

“residually robust”

Salvatore mantero says:

Possiedo una Toyota Yaris Ibrida, dal giorno in cui l’ho acquistata faccio
sempre il pieno,con un pieno di circa 31 litri riesco a fare solamente 630
km (circa 21km/lt) su percorso misto, un vero fallimento.

toninocars says:

This is a great small hatch excellent for city driving, commuting or school
runs, shopping or as a learner car for instructors. Not very suitable for
places with high hills and snowy winters. Because of the cvt transmission
driving up the hills or on high speed on motorway will increase the noise
and fuel consumption which makes a diesel with manual transmission a better
option. Hybrid cars are the best for city driving and short runs nothing’s
better them then, they are also very Eco friendly and easy and cheap to
service. What’s better right.

Robert Kimberley says:

The video does not explain if you ever have to plug the battery into a
power socket like all electric, the new VW UP. Also the spare tyre looked
like a slim one , is it?

toledomerendo says:

1:40 – does anybody know the title and artist of the song played here?

Peter Möller says:

Potentially good… it can charge the battery downhill, and use the charge

electrictroy2010 says:

It’s aimed at young people. Also for cheapness so young people can afford
it .

Kärpix kuusysi says:

Why sped more money to a car than it is necessary? I love to travel and
spend my money to something else than just to boost my ego buying an
expensive car which I really don´t need.

Kevin Carbonaro says:

ok but how does it handle in countries with lots of hills?

Márton Steierlein says:

I would like to know that as well!

Beatles5 says:

for god sake drive on right side

MrKasparius says:

for God sake capital G

pirow rabe says:

the interior is very bad!!! why?? why??

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