Toyota Yaris hatchback review – CarBuyer

Toyota Yaris hatchback review – CarBuyer

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anaconda118 says:

I like my Metro because im BRITISH.

Fenathegreat says:

I want this so bad :(

Bilal Ahmed says:

Why road are not blamed for the ride quality. i live in midlands most of
the road are patched repaired it not car fault. i own similar diesel and
did 35k miles in 5 months. and i would say this is the best car in its
class. and fast as well.

Jamal Tyrone says:

My 2005 Yaris has comfortable suspension, it’s why I bought it. Absorbs the
lumps and bumps beautifully. I wouldn’t try to throw it around a corner

Den Evans says:

I bought a new shape yaris 3 days ago on a 61 plate, I looooove this car,
its a cute metallic red and we named the car “Christmas”, would recommend
it to anyone

nyna najihah says:

Love this car

Outeke1 says:

The Air bag won’t deploy. Except if the front makes some decent contact. 

TaTTa1998 says:

Hey Can you give me some news when will the new yaris come out in the

youtubeeeeeyeaah says:

I did not even touch the what?

kiddy1992 says:

orly? Why do german cars drive the same distance as Asian cars then.
Judging from you saying European cars hav e bad mechanics makes me think
you’re an American. On the other side, many asian cars have good interiors
to.I actually hate fussy soft dashes because they are impossible to keep
clean. And my 18 year old micra hasnt rattled ever. The ignition just died
last weak before anything inside failed.

Laurence Kitson says:

The big glass area is called a window, Mat.

orion1983uk says:

The i30 is not a Yaris rival though. The i20 is the Yaris rival. The i30
would be compared with the Toyota Auris/Corolla and Ford Focus size of car.

nickelwindow53 says:

I have 90,000 miles on my 2008 toyota yaris. Is that a lot of miles?

orion1983uk says:

As someone who owns a Mazda2 (which we bought to replace a previous
generation Yaris), I would say the Yaris is overall the better buy. The
Mazda2 is definitely more fun to drive, but taking everything into
consideration (as this review has pointed out), this is the better car. The
Yaris is definitely more economical on fuel. The Mazda2 also suffers the
same negative points: blind spot at the A pillar and the ride in the Mazda2
is even worse (as a result of the ‘sporty’ handling)!

Milen4u says:

It’s a step back from the old model in terms of design. Also it’s not very
well equipped compared to others or cheaper either.

General Cabbagehead says:

But you in specific aren’t really annoying me. Derp… In fact, you’re

Carlos Niño says:

cant wait to see the sedan =)

John Scott says:

Very good review. I was interested in comparisons between the Mazda2, and
then he went and gave me one.

LamboSpyder99 says:

We need this in India

aidan doyle says:

oh my god, look at the legroom, its skoda superb like!!

Nathan Soper says:

can some people dislike my comment so that it goes back to 69 views?

a27061992 says:

fuek you CarBuyer the yaris is best intinterior and the best in the class
and the vw polo is thip interior

TheRoroki says:

I have a white Yaris RS, but the older model (2003), with customized lamps,
spoiler, cool rims, dark windows etc….and I would never ever give it for
this model. I personally think that the older model looked much much

EasternBlocCars says:

the 2010-present Toyota Yaris/ Toyota Vitz is assembled in China: Guangzhou
France: Valenciennes Indonesia: Karawang Japan: Kanegasaki, Iwate; Ōbu,
Aichi Taiwan: Zhongli Thailand: Chachoengsao

nissanw1 says:

I like the sense of humor in British people. This review and Top Gear show
are the best

Vitor Rocha says:

1:16 hahahahhahahahha

TedCutTheCheese says:

What kind of driving test requires you to take up the entire road and turn
around like that? haha

Funky Dude says:

Toyota for me is as he summed it up “cheap & nasty”

sirprincy says:

I have the old one… The ride is pretty shit but tbh i’ve driven it for so
long I really can’t notice it. The new Golf is in my opinion is absolutely
shit when it comes to suspension. And as well… My Yaris is quite nippy so
it’s pretty enjoyable to drive.

maltese85 says:

I hate Toyota Designs, they’re so freakin Ugly!

John Konnakkottu says:

He is also dry steering.

gazzxr says:

Toyota, dafuq u doing with your interiours ?

Andrew Atkin says:

2:12 You would of failed it anyway though, you did dry steering. 😛

David Hernandez says:

Honda Fit / Jazz

Philip Battersby says:

in england yes, try stop a car sliding without crossing your hands….

F Ahmad says:

Leg room in the rear is more than in many cars in the class above. Alfa
Romeo Giulietta for instance

LilRobot4Life says:

I saw this car today & fell in love with it, drove it for awhile at the
company. But mine was a 2012 I am definitely looking forward to buying one
in the near future.

toledomerendo says:

I don’t think Mat can make the airbag deploy by beating the steering wheel.
As far as I know, the explosive charge inside the airbag unit is only
ignited by an electronic control unit, when it detects an impact on the
vehicle… Any thoughts?

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