Toyota Verso MPV 2013 review – CarBuyer

Toyota Verso MPV 2013 review – CarBuyer

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scorpionbeware says:

I just cant stop staring at those legs,thighs and ===. 

zarys76 says:

Another good review from Rebecca 🙂 thx!

evilduck90 says:

i dont watch these reviews for the car *confession bear* 🙁

godzillasballs says:

does this woman know how hot she is? CarBuyer is for the UK but, strangely,
we Americans love this program. 🙂 thanks for the eye candy

Streetlevel992 says:

Hhahaha, haahha.

TheClubshaker says:

the gizmos are exciting, atleast its not bland and plain like in Volkswagens

Ludo says:

Rebecca <3

xride09 says:

That ass!!!

Lambo SVT says:

make more vids

Magnacier says:

I couldn’t care less about the car, yet I’m still watching the video, well
done Carbuyer!

zolf1988 says:


chnn92 says:

Nice review. Very boring car.

AVerySourApple says:

gratz on 100k subscribers!

acuras4ever says:

even with a manual, it somehow finds it’s way to dullness.

RevenG says:

Learn the difference between your and you’re.

MegaEugene555 says:

If you’d film her more from behind… your would triple your view 🙂

hongting wu says:

Miss the banana

Anshuman Sengupta says:

you forgot to mention Bird poo …LMAO

z00h says:

well maybe because us spec cars don’t have to have side repeaters (ie
indicators on the side of the car usually on front wings sorry fenders, or
in mirrors which you know also as mirrors), repeaters are required in the EU

niggadude97 says:

You got a nice boot too

mikealanzo says:

wow!!!! cheap plastic at it’s best!!! “Toyota, when YOU want to waste your
money on cheap shit!”

Daryl Castillo says:

Like you would not believe, brother. May has been crazy up-and-down.

vishwav20 says:

Why Rebecca? Don’t you like children?

etbadaboum says:

“The boot is large” Indeed.

runejelle2 says:

nice ass

SwPiotrek says:

Nice car. Great review.

Ahmed Sy says:

is really the weather in England so fickle , you were wearing a summer
clothes in the last videos

Matej Romšak says:

I don’t think so, sometimes you can see them being more enthusiastic about
one car or another. Coupled with the up- and downsides they point out, and
you can pretty much get the picture. I think they are being careful about
saying bad things about the car because they are afraid of companies not
lending them cars for reviews anymore.

Mazen Hesham says:

It has a nice boot ;D

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