Toyota Verso MPV 2009 – 2012 review – CarBuyer

Toyota Verso MPV 2009 – 2012 review – CarBuyer

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G0ML3 says:

I doubt grandma and grandpa watch carbuyer on Youtube so that makes the
review completely pointless haha

deshanjdm says:

thats because others comment at the same time you do… 😛

ovidel46 says:

oh yea almost forgot the “Korean” cars i30 and i40
/watch?v=1UPT8m8yyyo&feature=relmfu and /watch?v=6WDrp-g3bHM&feature=relmfu

Rihards Mors says:

Agreed! 🙂

TheOne42 says:

So i guess less reviews by Mat and more by HER….. :-[

Humberto says:

good engine 2.2 177 hp (model) review

Flicker455 says:

It’s an ok car.

fvgotch says:

Your sorry ass can’t even afford used Kia so go fuck yourself idiot.

MrFuture798 says:

very hideous looking car….

Martin Cooksley says:

NO MENTION OF BLANDESS, or style design, well at least is safe

tokekkk says:

Just wondering why there’s a lotion in the glovebox? hmmm…

MrOrangewarning says:

the large doors make the verso look like a hatchback.. weird for me

James May says:

I’ve heard that Kia does not hold up when it comes to rust. But I’ve only
heard good about the relaunch of Hyundai

flc2009 says:

A Toyota Yaris on steroids.

crepu33 says:

Becky is getting more beautiful on each video … but where were you
running off to at the end of video 4:04 ? 🙂

totocloe says:

The English are all left-handed????

ovidel46 says:

worst reply ever.. this was a pre-2000 some models of sonata with automatic
transmission issue. Easy fix – take the keys out. (use brakes, put it in
neutral… look at your videos again, that guy doesn’t even touch the
brakes) I’ve been driving korean cars for a long time, and I had far less
issues than with my german ones. Korean cars are not good, in fact, they
are starting to be better than german ones. – and this was a VW employee
quote, and the owner of BMW from my town quote…

JohnnyBoy501 says:

Just because they are overstyled and made to look modern and feel better at
first contact, doesn’t mean that what’s underneath the facade and mask is
on par, let alone class leading. You don’t just suddenly make cars as good
as someone who has made the perfect car already 20-30 years ago and has
just kept improving it, because you hired a foreigner to design an
appealing and “modern” look for your car. Korean cars are currently the
most overhyped thing and I feel sorry for those who buy one.

Stefan Wojcik says:

i imagine they pick presenters depending on target audience of the vehicle,
not being sexist in any way but the cars she reviews are definitely what
you see woman driving more often than not

Fertro says:

Hey guys! Let’s talk about how hot Rebecca is! That’s a good way to pass
the time, as opposed to, y’know, watching the video.

Ali Canlidinç says:

This model’s production started in 2009.

TheAlbs98 says:

fold the seats flat,take rebecca in IYKWIM

RovexHD says:

Problem with this girls is she doesn’t flow as wee

Pradurri says:

I love u!!!

DRAKO9764 says:

I work for a Japanese car dealership and I can tell you that Japanese cars
are overrated, and the one I work for is damn near CRAP! They have issues
with almost all the engines in the range, clutches, water pumps and many on
board computers! I also know that another car company that isn’t regarded
that well (European) is much better at reliability than the Japanese one
that I work for, they have less problems and the ones they do cost
considerably (about 50%) less!

theodore jacobs says:

She is so beautiful and love cars, it think i found the perfect girl for me.

tendarian says:

Woman, stop showing yourself, show the car. If I wanted to see woman, I
have other websites for it!

timtime88 says:

I know a plenty of people who find even LFA boring, so I don’t think it’s
the lineup that is the problem.

Guilherme S says:

An Vauxhall Meriva looks so better…

Martin Nygaard says:

I laugh.. but I don’t get it.

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