Toyota Supra vs hyundai genesis coupe

Toyota Supra vs hyundai genesis coupe

visit Toyota Supra vs hyundai genesis coupe drag racing at Maryland International Raceway. Event by D.O.R 2 SlipStream Racing event.



CaesarZeppeli says:

Toyota Supra of 1990s won though Hyundai Genesis of 2000s cheated.

bliglum says:

That Supra sounds fucking AMAZING!!! Love me the sound of a good I6!

donkey1450 says:

Im anti-hyundai, but ill give it credit, its moved up in the world, 14.1
isnt bad at all. toyota 86 territory right there. 

Daiki Sakumine says:


DeadNightLife says:

If I had to guess that Gen was stock, I can however easily tell that Supera
was far from stock


My gen coupe run in the low 12s. But its a 3.8 with bolt ons

K. Tsuru says:


unymitsu says:

Luv the supra, but let’s not forget that’s a moded supra who had a late
start and still ran 11.9 vs a stock 2.0t 2014 genesis. The stock 14 3.8
genesis coupe i think is faster than or close to a stock gte supra, if
course not the rz lol just keep that in mind for those posting ignorant

danner wenning says:

made in korea crap car

fransice says:

hyndai is slowmotion?

Jared Moore says:

Man, I love both cars, but the Genesis is not going to beat a Supra.

David Ethington says:

the hyundai genesis is built right here in america, not an import.

momiko rarirune says:

ヒュンダイ フライイングの常習犯 でも勝てない !(^^)!

The Goat says:


八神影狐 says:


Lir80Supra says:


More Voltage says:

Hyundai Genesis needs more stickers

slinkoer says:

like comparing a teen girl to a grown woman.

carlitocacf says:

Genesis = kaka

boggy779 says:


nicwayfarer says:

I don’t understand some of this comment saying supra’s 2jz will win all
day. DUH ITS OBVIOUS YOU MOFOS. This is just a fucking drag race for fun.

度可一 says:


Samuel Cortes says:

If you put flames on it you can atleast get 9000hp then may win.

MrDaavee says:

lol, at the people thinking this Supra is king shit in the vid. The dam
supra in this vid is far from stock. The genesis on the other hand is
completely stock. Might as well put a chevy aveo against a dodge viper.

Cleyton Luz says:

2JZ “-“

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