Toyota Supra Turbo vs. Lamborghini Gallardo

Toyota Supra Turbo vs. Lamborghini Gallardo

Disclaimer: All runs performed in Yugoslavia. Synopsis: Impromptu racing between a modded 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo and a modded Toyota Supra in the dangerou…



~Synthh/Darkyy~ says:

Don’t judge a car by what you see outside, but judge what’s under the hood!
Supra is a whole lot better than a labo. Lambo’s show that your a rich
stuck up snotty guy who wants attention. REAL car enthusiasts TUNE cars
such as the legendary supra. God, so manny ignorant super car fanboys here.

therapy says:

people are saying the lambo is better lmao, they obviously never witnessed
a supra.

Tim Boers says:

only 16psi! that’s pretty dam good.

austin maxwell says:

who will win?

Thomas Wright says:

Is the supra modified under the bonnet at all? If so it must only be a tiny
bit. My uncle has a supra and spent 10 thousand pounds on it and still
hammered a Lambo we were toying with.

Nizam Iskandar says:

the supra is auto…. 

Mike Germolai says:

What the fuck kinds of runs are these? The first one was a 3-2-jump the
gun, and the 3rd was just a failure.

Kevin Morin says:

Besides an R34 skyline just because they are so rare an hard to aquire in
the US. Supra’s are my all time favorite tuner car. So much potential that
people over look because it cost a tenth of the money of a lambo but you
will get so much more out of the supra. Plus this video doesnt really show
the supra’s potential as much because its versing an all wheel drive car,
the power to just the rear wheels cause it to spin… the lambo has way
better traction.

isiah johnson says:

Stay in your class Supra.

Samzilla says:

That is not Yugoslavia my man, good try tho

Phillip Sieloff says:

lambo driver has shitty horn timing

MrReallytalk786 says:

There’s a 2005 hp gallardo and a 1200 hp aventador lol it just cost a lot
more to make them like that 

ReyXtractor says:

The Supra had an Automatic Transmission come on!

Abraham Moua says:

2 sexy cars. Idc which one lost or won. I love them

Savagry says:

Supras are so sexy


Get a Twin Turbo in the lambo. UM… lets just say you’ll never find that
supras again

InsertCleverName101 says:

Super to sports realy quite simple but not with a supra

Wan Umar Hafiz says:

Why supra not included in the list 3 fastest car?

Matthew Benjamin says:

A lamboghini is the 3 fastest car in the world the koengassi is the second
fastest and the Bugatti is the first fastest car in the world. 


This is bullshit, this is on Rt. 18 in New Brunswick, New Jersey not

michaeltaylor92 says:

lambo just tad faster, but love supras

maull321 says:

@Synthhesisism the irony in your comment is painful. to say that a supra is
better than a gallardo could not be further from the truth. to say that
someone who has the cash to splash out on a gallardo and modify it isn’t a
car enthusiast is nonsense and makes you sound a tad jealous. it wouldn’t
be my choice if it were my hard earned but that is besides the point. each
to their own.

ahmatito40 says:

Toyota Supra King!
Lambo GAY

Froggy4Eyez says:

I see why…. The supra was auto lol

cozy423 says:


12389h says:

The T78 is quite a laggy turbo, it’s cheap for what it is, so it’s great
for producing power when your on a budget. I personally would choose a
smaller, faster spooling turbo. People seem to just chase power when tuning
a Supra, which is a mistake. It’s not all about how much it’s putting down
on the dyno, it’s about response, weight, traction and many other things.

GeTSUGAxX9 says:

always talking about drag never lap talk?

Thomas22may says:

I think with the amount of power you’re talking about a Supra would
probably dust a Aventador 🙂

Daniel Mirzotti says:

Performed in Yugoslavia? Yugoslavia doesn’t exist anymore, nor does it look
like Yugoslavia. I guess you wrote that disclaimer for legal purposes (so
you can’t be sued for speeding or some shit). Great video nonetheless.

Fort Ress says:

supra won cuz toyota fcking made out of japan its the 2nd fastest car in
the world

Quinho Oliveira says:

An AUTOMATIC Supra ?! Ain’t nobody got time for that !

ocnard says:

a 1990 toyota corolla

drtesd45 says:

460rwhp costs like fucking 5k on engine not fucking 80k for the car

xxswaggeorgexx says:

whats spooled turbo mean.

Frezh99 says:

Supra needs a bigger turbo n some tuning

Born Boy says:

Which one should i buy ?

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