Toyota RAV4 SUV 2006 – 2012 review – CarBuyer

Toyota RAV4 SUV 2006 – 2012 review – CarBuyer

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marvin uche says:

Great video

Jake Soto says:

considering they aren’t even in the same class…?

Lumanix1 says:

@onoff314 Oh right, ur mum gash, fuckin smells like piss, no wonder ur
uneducated. U fuckin knob head

Woo Cheol Shin says:

Here’s my short review of RAV4. The new CRV and CX5 are better.

cariduro69 says:

SAP the best Rav4!

2010V6RAV4 says:

When people say the CRV is better, what are you talking about, exactly?
Fuel mileave? 0-60? ground clearance? Room? Because the RAV4 has great
overall scores. I like the CRV too, but you need to be more specific in
“What is better.”

oi32df says:

Where is the spare tire ? Our american version got them attach verticaly
outside the rear hacth – door .

Jtm says:

We did not see this version

m juggernaut says:

Very poor to be encouraging people to drive over the pavements !

Kurt Bang Tidy says:

Swing out doors… parking in a bay, you can’t reserve in or else no access
to the boot, driving front way in, reserving out onto a road blind? someone
parks behind you… no access, now do you understand the hate for swing out

shafta99 says:

don’t like that rear door at all.

Lumanix1 says:

@ACDC185 and the Australian model as well

alluminyo says:

Isuzu Axiom?

2010V6RAV4 says:

I’d rather have a bland interior than a fancy computer on wheels that needs
a software upgrade every 12 months. Buy what is practical. You get a better
vehicle most of the time

xxLaGrandeFalsaxx says:

1:01 nice *ss

KutadguB says:

Matt, review Opel Antara too please

friendlytaipei says:

Based on my experience with a rental Rav4, which I know take a beating, the
Rav4 is one of the most unpleasant cars I’ve ever driven. Take everything
bad about a corolla, and raise it up by 10cm, and you pretty much have it.
And the rear door…what were they thinking? So un-Japanese…it’s not a
question of style over practicality, it must be cost over practicality…?

jimmyhoffa9 says:

theres loads of jap cars with lovely interiors. cars like the crv dont
bother with the higher quality crap, they’re more for content and
practicality. you cant get a german rival for the same price, or
reliability and its not meant to be a luxury vehicle.

Niko Caminis says:

ooh i like it

Roland P says:

noone reviews better cars. only ross rapport and steve hammes are as good

Christopher Hawley says:

whats a rang rover and a jeep got to do with a audi q3??

Mike Angels says:

why back headrest on your ass level this car for idiots with stupid

01200lokiu says:

better than the crv!

Nathan Kendall says:

I wish we could get this one here in the states. 🙁

AznKizashi says:

In Australia, there is a wheel on the rear door.

Predatorycircuit says:

Yesterday, when one broke down on the highway.

Ross F says:

Who cares about hard plastic?

Toni Feraj says:

I have the same one but in a black color. Its one of the best decisions
that I have made until now. I highly recommend people to buy it……its
worth it.

Rumah15 says:

In Japan, this SUV is called Toyota Vanguard!

MacGyver920 says:

@ArtemiyPavlov LOL


,kia is better

stewiek says:

@MacGyver920 argh i should have downloaded it yesterday!!!! best review
thus far!! please reupload the Audi Q3 review!

iviewthetube says:

“If you don’t like the way I drive then stay off the sidewalk.”

gandalfwiz20007 says:

that door is inspired from the previous model where the spare tire was on
the hatch door, thus it was impossible to lift up, actually i think this
model has a version with the spare tire.

Terence Francis says:

Rear door stupid? Is that a technical term? I love the huge, gaping opening.

Ragref says:

@oi32df I think thats optional. I called for a taxi and they sended a Rav4,
the back didnt have a tire.

SuBMWaru says:

@ArtemiyPavlov Toyota should have paid to take their own review down. This
car is so awful!. So many better choices. Nothing against carbuyer though.

miloootic says:

Tiguan is still better overall

CCD5150 says:

I have a 2001 4 cylinder Rav4L with 4wd and 65,000 miles. I need to know if
i can go on the drive on beaches here in Delaware. Any ideas?

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