Toyota RAV4 Review

Toyota RAV4 Review

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California Rent-A-Car says:

With great gas mileage, but plenty of horsepower for when you need some
extra zip the Toyota RAV4 is a great choice for trips to downtown L.A. or a
cruise through the Hollywood Hills.

emerced30 says:

@shummyshum b/c of the spare tire.

fastevo276 says:

The Rav4 V6 is very quick

hank01 says:

none of those vehicle you had mentioned are trucks! they are all cute-ute’s
a truck is a body on frame vehicle these are unibodies like cars! you want
a truck get a f150/tundra! If gas is a concern then the tacoma would be
your best bet!!! I think Dan(mpgomatic guy) did a great review of the
tacoma look it up

geppegep says:

i bet there are like millions of these in africa

r4h20 says:

@VJTOMYAZ either the hill is really steep, you are in neutral, or you are
in reverse. if its a manual version of the rav4, someone has to teach you
so that you dont roll back hard.

pepene93 says:

@r4h20 if its manual, you either need to be quick about goign from brake to
gas, or use the e-brake trick.

Dyadantumbe says:

@DJTEVAdotCOM ha i agree….plus rav4 is 4 wheel drive anyways so i dont
really see why people say v6 is better…well it is better if u drive in
the mountains all the time but still


I like mine so far BUT i have a 2010 and it has the thinnest paint job i
have ever seen on a car. thinner then an eggsgell. my only dissapointment

r4h20 says:

more power does not necessarily mean more efficiency, but there is an
exception here since we are talking about toyota. yep high revs = more gas

hellidiot65 says:

i thought there was a subwoofer in the back

Farid Useynov says:

I have Rav4 and I love it!

shummyshum says:

but in other cars with a upward opening back door, you can try to open the
door faster by pushing it up and it would only open so fast. i think the
struts have a sort of air brake in it

1waffleiron says:

@shummyshum Because the tire weighs too much. If they charged the struts
that would have to lift it up with more gas then when the tire is removed
it would spring up and hurt someone.

tph420 says:

Variable valve control eliminates the performance compromise of fixed valve
timing between low-speed driveability and high-speed power. It tailors
engine breathing characteristics, on demand, for excellent response and
fuel efficiency throughout the driving range. Electronic fuel injection
contributes to combustion efficiency, which provides cleaner emissions,
better performance, improved fuel economy and superior starting and
reliable operation in extreme weather conditions.


v6 no thank you…v4 is better on gas…

a1mint says:

I saw the 7 seater. Nice. Expensive though. Also not available with a sun
roof. And the dealer is very very stiff, not seeing a break worth getting a
2009 in August. Waiting for 2010 model in November might be better.

Dyadantumbe says:

@r4h20 yea man its cool, i own 1

macbooklover181 says:

Im 16 and i want a truck do you think this would be a good decision i just
got my permit and my top choices are this the ford Escape and the jeep

shummyshum says:

why cant they make the back door open up instead of to the side!!


when i am at a stop sign or red light and take my foot off f the brake my
rav4 rolls back hard.

ThexBorg says:

I wish the v6 was manual… I will go the 2011 Rav4 when I trade in…

Vachowski says:

Nice review

Dyadantumbe says:

@r4h20 u know v4 rav4 is not that bad in winter also since it has 4 wheel

geane423 says:

q mamada abla ese huevon ni entiendo nah por favor a español xD

DJ Golden Boy says:

Could easily make some babies on the back of this.

Brandon Lazarus says:

You know what….This may be the fastest crossover in it’s class. Like
seriously! 0-60 in approx 7 seconds is unbelievable. Great car!

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