Toyota Prius hatchback review – CarBuyer

Toyota Prius hatchback review – CarBuyer

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eternalhalloween1 says:

Too bad. I was really liking this car until Matt pointed out that steering
isn’t so great.

Rich E says:

i wonder why toyota bother fitting alarms to their prius cars i mean its
not as though anyone will steal it unless they want to see how economical
it is. ”wayne wayne, keep it under 30 so it will keep using the electric
motor”, shit here come the police after 50 yards lol

nelson batista says:

thanks to you guys that buy prius , thank you so much , because what you
guys are not polution , my audy RS5 its happy making the polution that you
are givin to me , and the manufacture of this wounderful peace of shit
makes more polution than the manufacture of a land rover discovery , very
funking eco 

Bryce Thomas says:

Toyota Prius stupidest cars ever

Noel Bullard says:

21 thousand quite expensive for a eco car

Borna luketa says:

MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sydneytrains101 says:

If you drive a prius you are gay. The most stupid car ever made. They
aren’t even fuel efficient and are a disgrace to the car industry

Bilal Ahmed says:

Very good car. All who hate it. Must drive it to know what is good about

Chet DePue says:

If you want mileage get a Camry and now the 2000$ cheaper mustang is now
available everywhere 

F Ahmad says:

brilliant city car

cell antenna0336 says:


Onephoton2 says:

I am a 25 year old straight man who proudly drives a 2010 Prius. I don’t
give a shit about the environment. I bought it because it gets 50 mpg. 

patricksudbury says:

Nissan is WAY better.

valiumland says:

Since when have laughing country folk known shit about anything?

Luqman Hakim says:

Prius in my area are serious murderers, they never let me knew if they were
near me

DRAKO9764 says:

It is made in so many parts of the world that by the time it is assembled
it already polluted the environment more than a regular car does in about
30.000km! Why should I buy this? To look green? Or to be remarkably
stupid?! But hey image counts, and this Prius has a very Green image…even
if it’s for dumb fucking people…from…Dumbfuckistan!

AFewGoodPuppets says:

Best selling green design car but they died huh? Guess your not business
smart or in that case not smart at all.

Henry Toussaint says:

0:54 That Door must be very thin…It sounds like some one hitting a sheet
of metal!

BollocksTube21 says:

Worst day at work for him

antsew says:

i wonder how efficient the mpg would be compared to a regular car if
someone rode this car rough.. oh wait top gear already proved this a BMW is
more fuel efficient at higher speeds

Connector A says:

Problem is this car ranks poor in front quarter accident,ie sever injuries
to driver or passenger, as an example the Chevy Volt scored excellent and
of course the volt has a higher consumer rating, Im not pushing volts but
the chevy volt is out performing its compition,ie credit where credits do.

SwiftHDX says:

Makes no difference.

mariahcareyfanclub says:

He’s cute!

Supcharged says:

flag for spam

DJDog80 says:

It’s nice

DOnotpressforfartTHEHUNTER says:

you don’t think it’s a girl… lol

toninocars says:

This is great car and all negatives are left only from people that never
driven one of this look at the London cab companies all getting prius just
because they are the best

ghune says:

Best car on earth.

tuirexable says:

awesome videos

Clay Grisetti says:

Your reviews are thorough, fair, and entertaining. Thanks for keeping at it!

ukchris64 says:

Used to deliver the old ones around the country, good to drive and yes I
would get one, not for green reasons, more ease of driving and good
equipment levels, but the MPG was no where near what Toyota claimed, on
average for daily driving on most roads you would be looking at about 46
mpg on average. Either way, way better than the offering from Honda which
was crude and frankly rubbish.

- Artemis - says:

What can you carry in a Corola? They’re so tiny. And no offense, but
changing your oil every 2 years just sounds extremely reckless and stupid.
You’re supposed to change the oil frequently because it can go bad over
time and create a costly damage to your engine, just saying. Maybe you got
a special Corola made of Kryptonite?

IShastaMcNastyI says:

I am glad other people drive Priuses. It saves more gas for me.

DoorisJ says:

good thing you can turn that off I better turn it off…that guy is the
best reviewer I look forward to his reviews

arawlani says:

Have you folks seen an issue with the prius windsheild at night? I’m seeing
triple light effect. I’m trying to reach out to as many prius owners and it
seems to be an overall issue with the 2012 model atleast. Heres what I
captured using a simple point and shoot camera. tinyurl . com / 99g9nb8

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