Toyota Prius 3rd Gen. review by Fifth Gear

Toyota Prius 3rd Gen. review by Fifth Gear – While other automakers have yet to even develop a gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle, Toyota is already on its third generation o…



Donalddasy says:

Dumb f#ck THEY also say there are little green people in the sky but i
guess you believe tha too..The making of the batteries is the worst you

Carol Lynes says:

Ugh!! What a pile of old shit!!!! I wouldn’t be seen dead driving that!!! 

meatballsareyum says:

only hippies gays and old people drive this

Basic RC says:


Manu77 says:

The Prius 2010 and later models are great vehicles, but they suffer from
poor ergonomics and poor driving posture. Sooner or later driver is going
to have back problems. 

sirclip says:

Get ready. Motor vehicles are slowly heading back to electric. The IC
engine will be relegated to aux power one day. . .Much too much energy
wasted by friction and combustion processes.

mysqueeker says:

I have been able to go 3 miles at 40mph electric on my 07 prius. so your
slightly flawed here with your figures at the beginning of the review.

orion1983uk says:

Drove a Prius for the first time last week (old shape, 2006 model). Was
actually really impressed by it. Did a 400 mile round trip mainly on hilly
motorway type roads, being well behaved and holding a steady 70mph. Got
55mpg from it. I realise some diesels will better that under the same
conditions, but you’d never get that from any similar sized petrol engined
car. What’s more, the Prius continued to achieve 55mpg during the final few
miles which was all stop-start congested urban traffic.

sic22l says:

1:46 Thing is – batteries are made in different factory. Dirty one in
China. Metals for them came from the other side of the ocean, by ship – the
dirtiest form of transport. Clean assembly line is just a cherry on top of
a dirty cake.

TheCarArchives says:

the engine on the 2009-present Toyota Prius Engine Toyota Hybrid System
Gasoline engine: 1.8 L 2ZR-FXE I4 Dual VVT-i (Atkinson cycle) Power: 98 hp
(73 kW; 99 PS) @ 5200 rpm Torque: 105 lb·ft (142 N·m) 105 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
Hybrid system total: 134 hp (100 kW; 136 PS)



Peter Piper says:

“The old Prius could only manage a couple of hundred meters before running
out of AC/DC”. Yeah, try a mile or so actually in the NHW20. Mis-informed

ryantedderfan says:

Still a better car than a Toyota Prius – oh wait, it IS a Toyota Prius.

Yardjass says:

Here you go again with the “worthless golf”. They’ll beat your prius on
highway mileage and last for 300k plus miles. Plus they can actually handle
half decently and have an interior you would actually like to be in. Did I
mention they have over twice the torque and actually have some get up and
go, or that you won’t have to replace an expensive battery pack down the
line? I’d say the only thing worse than an ignorant person hating on the
prius is one supporting it.

Scudeyyy says:

@boybreda VWs unreliable?!! Or not? The Prius is an overpriced piece of
junk that is only useful if you want to show people you are a tree hugger
but in fact creates more pollution during its production than it ever will
on the road. Its hideous and its not necessarily spacious. If you care
about saving the planet, the other cars youve mentioned are better. And if
you just want a normal 5 door hatch? Get something like a focus/golf/etc.
Theyre better to drive and cheaper.

smartepants777 says:

They forget to mention the nickel is mined in Canada, and it’s very toxic.
No plants or animals will ever thrive there again, then it’s shipped to
somewhere in Europe (or Russia) I forget where, for assembly of the
battery, next shipped to Japan for assembly of the car, then back to North
America for sales (for the ones being sold in North America).

moneshmahtani says:

@BlueKewne yes,but if all cars were hybrids instead of all cars being
gasoline,it would save the enviremont even though hybrids batery come from
power plants,it would be better than all the cars today burning tons of

SuperApeFight says:

@wafrederick The batteries are under warranty for 8 years. Dealers don’t
want *any* car on their forecourts over 8 years old. Prius-bashing is so
boring now – Hybrid is actually a great step in the right direction. BMW
have just bought (or rather swapped) the rights to the Prius’ hybrid tech
as they want to put it in their cars. I’m sure the haters won’t be moaning
about a BMW 328 with Hybrid tech.

Luke S says:

We’d all be better off in this world, if the oil companies didn’t kill the
japanese man who made the first 100% water powered car. Companies don’t
care about this world, they just want money out of you, and they will kill
to stop new inventions from destroying their companies.

Tris Taylor says:

lol. prat!

ezdeezytube says:

@Assassinate4u You lost me at “the process of witch the get the metall”.
I’m lost further by how 26 people gave this slaughtering of English a
thumbs up. THUMBS UP!

boybreda says:

We had a Prius and it did on average 5 l/ 100km normal driving. Please
don’t compare it to much smaller diesel powered cars like the Polo or a
Clio. Not only the size but also comfort, diesel-petrol, specs are totally
uncomparable. A Polo bm for example is just a antique car and probably
unreliable as any other VW..

bumble144 says:

Define expensive? And lack of power. the Torque is instant, you don’t rev
the car, it cost 15k used with less than 50k on odometer and 22k brand new.
You save 1-2 k in gas, another K in insurance, the Prius use no belt, you
don’t do timing belt or water pump or any big maintenance. The tranmission
is CVT, it come with 2 motor so one rest and one active your motor will
live longer, you can jump your own battery. If you own this car for 10
years it already pay for itself lol

gunsnflamethrowers says:

still think hybrid cars are a con considering the amount of environmental
damage caused by their specific manufacturing techniques being way higher
than a normal car and the cost in comparison to eco hatchbacks and saloons
which would be better to drive in the long run because they don’t cause as
much damage overall

andybeezyIX says:

My bad, I meant GM. In my head GM and Chevy are interchangeable.

s0nnyburnett says:

True fact: the plastic, tires and lubricants in the prius are all made from

Ben Keypour says:

These people dont know what they are talkning about. I have to drive this
piece of shit everyday, it´s our company car. My old Volvo 440 from year
1996 was even better than this car. I remember even working for another
company where we had to deliver brand new Toyota cars. Believe me or not, 3
out of 10 brand new Toyota cars were broke even before it entered the
market. I only like one model and its the Supra twin turbo.

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