Toyota Prado-120 VX Impressions



carloskeim says:

nice you can get the manual transmision, here in Chile just came in

MrTash1983 says:

my prado 2008 vx 4.0 v6 good car for off road 

gopher1471 says:

Good vehicle but shogun is better for Europe imo, why you not allow
comments on your shogun /pajero bashing vid ?

Oqtay Qasimov says:

toyota prado 120 arab or europe edition?

Bill Blinky says:

What’s the beef in what Andrew said about the Prado in his review? Surely
not his reference to stone chips? I do outback touring & camping in Oz and
stone chips (Pajero in my case) are just a reality of gravel roads &
traffic. My chips came courtesy of gravel flying of the double B’s. Mate
try to relax and stop taking things personally. He didn’t insult your

4xOverland says:

@emoya2831 Soon I hope. AM talking to LR about things next week and have a
150TX ready to shoot. A

74amino says:

качество записи г…о!!!

Asiankid89 says:

i kno… but the toyota prado would be nice to have here.. but u could
import it from europe nd wereeevr

Superior1979 says:

Yep, an ARB deluxe bullbar, or similar is a must!!

Asiankid89 says:

too bad its not availible in us!

Devin Balentina says:

Nice review, I love the Prado.

fatimaihsan says:


radugalkr says:

Yeah man, my dad has it too. Our one is black 4.0 V6. I think it`s one of
the best SUV.

ShnogDog says:

I’ve owned 2 Prados and I would have to say this review is very accurate.
The 17 inch tyre issue was also the same in OZ but less of a problem now.
I’ve fitted my new D4D Prado with an ARB Sahara bar and it has improved the
approach angle considerably. I am heading up to Land Cruiser Mountain Park
(QLD)to give it a bit of a work out over this weekend. Clearance and the
vunerable sidesteps are the only real issues I can forsee. Thanks for a
good, unbiased review.

Asiankid89 says:

hey my dad has one too but isnt it only availible in like europe nd asia
and not north america?

pomygas says:

Bought a Lexus GX, I huess it is mostly the same as the Prado. It does not
have the KDSS, but I love it. I relish in the fact that there are some
better on road trucks ( Escelade) and some better off road trucks (Jeep
Rubicon) and looong after the owners of the aformentioned trucks get to
know their mechanic by first name because of poor reliability/quality, I
will be still happy with my reliable GX!!!

Wombat1965 says:

Going to get our own Prado very soon. D4D auto. Drive them a lot at work,
and in some shitty off road conditions. They are stock with only a bullbar,
and can really take a beating, even with crap standard tyres. Used to think
an auto 4×4 was a wank, until I drove the auto diesel prado…only 2000rpm
at 100km/hr, 180ltr tank, great fuel economy, surprising off road ability,
what’s not to like? Also picking up a 2007 GXL with only 10,000k on clock
and all the options at only $46,000 isn’t bad…

lowlifehippie says:

the new disco is far better off road maybe not as reliable as the yota

ElenarMT says:

And I am getting my Land Cruiser Prado VX next week! Oh yea! Thanks for the
review, makes me even more excited!

Sebi Barberena says:

i have a question. have you ever driven the 90 series prado? i am thinking
about buyin one and want to know if its any good off road (mainly in the
mud). here in south america we olny got the 3.4 V6.

ElenarMT says:

I own my Prado in the UK (Landcruiser here). I come from Africa, so I can
understand 4xForum’s criticism abut the car. Africa is as Africa is. He’s
right about the wheels etc. But overal his review is pretty good and
positive. I love my Prado tremendously!

SuziBud says:

I used to be a Land Rover Discovery fan, until my husband bought the Prado.
I took it on an off-road course and it did more than my Disco ever did. And
being in the southern tip of Africa, there is a Toyota techie in every
little town. We took our Prado through Namibia and it handled the gravel
roads beautifully. Also, without deflating the tyres, it handled the dunes
and the beach beautifully. Now, if I could only get my husband to do the
off-road course!

ElenarMT says:

South African test. The car has GP plates – from Gauteng

stephen clark says:

We drive an older 95 series. Old Man Emu suspension upgrade, duel
batteries, ARB bullbar, Light Force spoties and heaps of other mods. Has
taken us about Oz now for years. My one complaint is storage – It is jut
not as big enough for a family of 4 for a week of bush touring without
either dragging a camper or loading up the roof racks.

E Moya says:

Since you now have the FJ Cruiser available in South Africa, it would be
nice for you to review that model as well.

DoctorJanitor says:

I own a prado Grande and this guy really knows shit!..I have taken my
vehicle into the far reaches of outback Australia and it handles a dream.
to date i’m to get a stone chip and i have 100% confidence in the vehicle.
It is class in the city and in the country.

E Moya says:

@Asiankid89 It is available in the US, it is called Lexus GX, same great
car Gas engine only but, just as good! Same frame as FJ Cruiser and 4Runner!

cfrb says:

lexus gx

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