Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series Dual Cab – 2013

Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series Dual Cab – 2013

This video looks at the 2013 Toyota Lancruiser 70 Series Dual cab. The new 2013 model comes equipped with a direct injection 4.5L V8 turbo diesel engine that…



live loud says:

I own one.. I also “owned” a jk jeep . Please stop laughing… thanks to
the jk being the worst car I have ever owned. I will always run. Land
cruisers like this.. they really r the best if the best.. u can trust them
with your life… very strong tough rig. Turbo v8 diesel . Can’t go wrong..

كيري ميري says:

استراليا يالبيه بس

stdavross666 says:

Dont change it

Tomoyuki Watanabe says:

ah~、for Heavy Duty...??

Pat Dow says:

In the U.S. the land cruiser is a full size luxury SUV. Looks as though
it’s much different in Australia 

Salem Al Madani says:


007MacGregor says:

$63,000.00 Aussie dollars & up If only maybe make the truck beds sides a
foot higher I actually like the heavy hot dipped galvie bed and sides

senor250 says:

It looks tough as buggery.

CMH Toyota Alberton says:
Andrew Muskett says:

Over priced peace of shit!

janein doch says:

military wheels are steel, not weak ass aluminum.

odai227 says:

if for sale
i buy

Harakudoshi904 says:

Oh, I like her.

Skott62 says:

I would love to see it in NA but the pricing is too high IMO. I can only
imagine what they would try to gouge out of the American buyer.

Harvey Millar says:

Some Landcruiser diesels imported to Canada but have to be min 15 years
old, most of them RHD from Japan. Trucks sold here very similar to the USA.

Devin Mitchell says:

with diesel cars becoming more common in America, Pickup manufactures will
offer diesel options at a Full size pickup level. But until then, one can

4dshow says:

Wow,she’s hot!

JimsEquipmentShed says:

They have the Tundra diesel right across the border in Canada, and have had
it for a while. I don’t think it will hit the states because of the BS
standards we want diesel to adhere to. All of the diesels sold here have to
have the urea catalyst systems, and I just don’t see Toyota wasting their
time or effort on us here in the USA. They think we all want these big
monster trucks with back up cameras. I would kill for a 70 series double

bonyos16 says:

this one was made in south africa

Devin Mitchell says:

The US needs this retro truck, the Toyota Tacoma and Tundra aren’t enough

bobdole69 says:

I would like to put her in a man sandwich

d0min0danc1ng says:

Dang..makes me wanna go to Straaaya

Kenny Flagg says:

Bring it to America!!!

MrNeroDiablo says:

75 000AUD is about the rate off the showroom floor without shipping to the
USA added in. AUD/USD is about parity. Aside from that be grateful you
can’t get them there the V8 diesel 70 series is probably the most
unreliable and expensive to maintain Landcruisers ever built.

Devin Mitchell says:

the only pickup that will come close to the Landcruiser 70 pickup in both
durability, ruggedness, retro looks and price that Americans can buy is the
AEV Brute a.k.a. Jeep Wrangler Pickup

papecat says:

I would pay 75,000 USD for this shipped to my door.

krayzel says:

Damn! How come we don’t get these in the US?!

فهد الشمري says:

هههههههههههه يبن الحلال سوق تويوتا في امريكا لحاله اكبر من الشرق الاوسط

fighiter nipponlove says:

Hello! I’m owner LandCruiser77 in Japan Hokkaido. This Model is the Most
cool of me, But we can’t buy 70selese from Toyota shop in japan. My dream
is buy=inport “The Life Protector” from Aussie this one so expensive. I’m
happy watch this Video and l Feel so happy LC70seriese loved by many many
Aussie people. Sorry My Cheep English. Thank you so much.

Andy Tan says:

You mean getting it impound and crushed at the custom 😉

Miguel Angel Verdezoto says:

tas ricooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooota mamazita

largecocklloyd says:

fuck whatever shit hole you come frome motherfucker. ask german

Devin Mitchell says:

Because we have the larger and more powerful Tacoma and Tundra, the 2
trucks Australians can’t get. Apart side from Toyota’s Hino subsidiary,
Toyota hasn’t taken much interest in America’s commercial industry. However
the AEV Brute is considered to be America’s substitute for the Landcruiser
70 pickup.

jwheelin76 says:

With her I would do a man sandwich;-)

Devin Mitchell says:

Sorry but you’re wrong on calling the trucks, “soccer mom vehicles”, In
America, minivans still take that stereotype. And Shure the Land Cruiser 70
Pickup is strong, however comparing to something like a Tundra, it doesn’t
stand a chance, at least until Toyota proves that its strong enough to pull
something like a Space shuttle.

Ramon25D says:

your ignorance is quite interesting. tacoma and tundra are soccer mom pick
ups, dont go to australia because they cant make it. land cruiser is far
stronger and dependable

Devin Mitchell says:

What about Alaska, and the mountain states like Wyoming and Colorado
they’re still pretty rugged states. And the SVT 150 Raptor is a rugged off
road truck and it is pretty popular here.

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