Toyota Land cruiser vs Niva in deep mud

Toyota Land cruiser vs Niva in deep mud

Toyota Land cruiser vs Niva , Good vehicles :)) Niva Power 🙂



KawasakiFreak says:

geez the guy in the red rover just could not take his foot off the pedal

KnightShadey says:

So much Off-road fail in one video, the guy in the Red Rover, or whatever
in the background, is sitting there saying.. get outta the way !!

mrbest4eva says:

bad off road driver in the LAND CRUISER,

ianislavus says:

WHYYYYYYY???? 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D

Jitender Dhillon says:


Tarik Yalaui says:


Mister P says:


The Multidimensional says:

Who won? Lada or Toyota?

masonb89 says:

The choice of lines is hilarious, no one knows what the hell their doing

John Key says:


LifesaBeach says:

What a fucking circus

Yan Carlos Parra Bolanos says:


Johnny Shakir says:

All you need one thing mud tires

Ulrich Münstermann says:

OMG what idiots!! Lots of fails in one video!

SCTracer says:

I have never driven an off-road vehicle but I sincerely think I would do a
better job.

(btw I love the Niva)

Rocstoneau says:

Their I.Q’s are so low they are having to dig for it.

Макс Стетхем says:

Toyota Land cruiser vs Niva in deep mud: это
что то

Bradley Weetman says:

2WD quad?

oli hank says:

those russians drank too much before driving :)

qfina says:

Oh sweet jesus, what the hell are these people doing!?
SO much fail.

adam2562 says:

they must all be drunk

tungir yu says:

ну долбоёбы

Tyler Pearce says:


Robert Inferno says:

Too many stupid people!

deon hamilton says:

Lol was this supposed to be a comedy video lollll

ingoodmusic says:


Jordan van Waas says:

this looks like he got his truck but he’s bad at driving , horrible lines 

Usama Fida says:

So much FUN.

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