Toyota Land Cruiser Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

Toyota Land Cruiser Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

FOR PRICING & SPECS ON THIS CAR VISIT: 2009 Toyota Land Cruiser. The modern Toyota Land Cruiser is …



Glenn Charette says:


hafaha D says:

errr, please sir unless you own or owned one leave your thoughts to your
self. I own a GL450 and an ML350 both are excellent cars. Take them both to
the desert every once in a while and they both are perfect. I’ve driven my
friend’s range rover off road and it is excellent as well and out performs
them. No need for your insults please.

payanhilario says:

you get what you pay for

usama1119 says:

range rover isnt nearly as large and its quality isnt that great. MB isnt
as large either and it isnt really meant to be driven off road.

296jayce says:

damn, 65k, i can get a land rover disco, or the newer lr4, that rides
better, and performs better off road, 4 less. not hating on the lc, but im
just sayin.

ladiesman217o says:

and if say buy qx56 i will say no that also have the same problem so it
good to buy nissan armada

jimmyhoffa9 says:

yeah but a prius no offroady. its a compromise, and the diesels do pretty

jamesjr934 says:

Land cruiser or 4Runner? Why?

jimmyhoffa9 says:

and the landrover discovery. the g wagen isnt the ultimate offroader, its
more rangerover class. the landcruiser beats both offroad.

Mbaze Pashtufu says:

@CrashJSTest i’d point them out, but the vid isn’t about gm’s

KPonliner says:

is there any land cruiser without cruise control ?

SC14 says:

just wish this came with cloth interior

wyunaboy says:

why in US they don’t offer land cruiser with V8 diesel like the rest of the

0Mellennium0 says:

SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION: I heard Landcruisers run for double
the MSRP in countries like Europe, because they are only made in the USA.
Is this true? If so, why not just buy a landcruiser in the USA and export
to Europe and make a lot of profit?

1ohtaf1 says:

We went to the toyota showroom and the nissan showroom and the LC200 is
migger then the nissan, if they’re both the same size, i must say the
nissan is very underpowered.

Jeremy Low says:

Come on Land Cruiser Hybrid! How amazing would 381 HP be if batteries were
green option just like VIA Motors dot com. Full size and green baby,
yeah!!! 🙂

jokesslerNYC says:

The U.N., the W.H.O., the UNDP, and the World Bank all buy Landcruisers by
the thousands (every 5 years i think) to carry medicine, food rations,
VIPs, heads of state, medical and fighting personnel in some of the most
troubled hot spots and war-torn danger zones all over the world. If you
ever get yourself under a hail of bullets and exploding shells, this thing
is one of the few mass-produced production vehicles that can get you out
alive. Cheers.

moneshmahtani says:

Boat boat boat everyone who has a suv has a boat boat boat

ricardomoratilla says:

So right, with the Land Cruiser is more than enough. Its luxury combined
with off road capabilities.

Фёдорыч Канск says:

9.7 MPG – сильно много. не нужна такая машина

bewd6797 says:

I like the land crusier but I think they shall discontunue the land cruiser
because it’s the exact same thing as the lx cause at least the gx and
4runner are a little diffrent, the lx shall be the luxery version of the
sequia because that what the land cruser is and the lx the luxry land
cruser and luxery versions of cars should’nt have a luxry model

Troy GTV says:

@pushitgently001p the australian and european versions of this comes
equipped with 4.5 liter D4D diesel engine

Nytherr says:

@jamesjr934 Land Cruiser. It is rated good, 5 star. The problem is, when
side impact, falls over. I mean, it’s not standing.

oASSAULTo says:

@saboobuu because theres a huge difference between a lexus gs and a camry

taitai907 says:

Sweet, I always wanted new malware!

76ersbbball says:

toyotas are under so much recall. the prius just recalled for their brakes
and the camry for the stering. plus the 5 million other cars for the gas
pedal. ford, chevy, dodge kill toyota. Since toyotas gas pedal stick so
much this is there new slogan: Toyota Moving Foward, even if you dont want

1bentley4ever says:

Just like the Range Rover and G-wagen, the Land Cruiser belongs offroad and
hauling lots of toys, by towing I mean. Toyota is awesome.

wasaken03 says:

land cruiser looks like rav-4…

296jayce says:

@euheide well depends, a regular range rover supercharged, costs more than
a fully loaded land cruiser, i built both, im only on colors for the rr and
it already at over 95k and the fully loaded toyota is 78k. but a regular rr
is a grand more. ppl here mainly compare the lr4 (discovery) to the
cruiser. and a fully loaded lr4 is over 64k. so not as expensive as the
range rover, but more than its REAL competition, the lr4. hopes that helps

skbuoy says:

is the lexus lx570 worth the extra money over this? c’mon what more do you
need than the landcruiser?

lovecars890 says:

I want to imagine this car armored!!! This SUV is SOOOOOO reliable!!

decibel333 says:

So much for “as little impact as possible”

Antonio J. Andrews says:

love it !!!!!!!!!!!!

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