Toyota Land Cruiser SUV (2009-2013) review – CarBuyer

Toyota Land Cruiser SUV (2009-2013) review – CarBuyer

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The4x4offroader says:

I’m very much confused between Toyota LC prado & Audi Q7 3.0 TDI
which one is better?
both are 3 Liter diesel but still Audi has more power more over it is
cheaper & AUDI brand name too
where as LC prado is class apart great offroader & quite expensive car for
showing off


heartbreaker9099 says:

That is a Prado. Usually we call the LC200 as the “Toyota LandCruiser”

Ivan Stankovioc says:

I own this car since 2011,it s truly amazing car….

Official3227U and Lamegirl7707ROBLOX says:

Is there any petrol engine for this vehicle?

Gergely Kondás says:

A huge cube!

Christopher Redhead says:

its called the land cruiser prado here in Trinidad and compared to the
other cars here that’s a monster truck of an suv

shag ger says:

woud love to swap spit wih her

Paul Raper says:

A great Review except I fail to see why it is that when ever 4x4s are
reviewed, no comment is ever made about towing capability. The Land Cruiser
is a towing vehicle, and some mention of pulling a horse box, or Caravan
would be realy useful.

detroit kalamities says:

cup holders HEYE, another storage HEYE hahahahah she has so cute accent

Yim Anonvatana says:

When will you be reviewing the new Land Cruiser?

speedy tiwari says:

awesome car and you too

MrBEST2944 says:

It’s the best car

nasser wafa says:

My father has a land cruiser but I live in sri Lanka but hear it’s called
land cruiser prado.

Ismi Hossain says:

Isn’t this a Land Cruiser “Prado” ? o.O

Tod Lindley says:

Hideous !!! how much are they paying to get rid of em

Tod Lindley says:

Hideous Dash Also Yuk

maxthehulk says:

nissan xterra is alot better than this prado

bluemoondiadochi says:

gizmos, AC, movie downdloads!? WHERE’S THE SIMPLICITY? not to mention
accessible price? and people wonder why working outdoorsmen prefer the Lada
Niva… as for “off road” in this video, my old Lancer can do that at
double the speed and double the mud! obviously made for higher middle class
town audience, not for off road users…

pilkjaer says:

which idiot at Toyota finds that HUGE boot door opening at the side as a
good idea!?

glock287 says:

dem legs

baraa Hamayel says:

What’s her name ? any one Know ?

Joshea (Joshea555/FluffyZX) says:

Its a prado not land cruiser or maybe land cruiser prado :3

crosses101 says:

She’s allowed to be silly you jackass, she’s HOTT!!!!

richl says:

Yes, i’d be begging for a break-down just to add a bit of interest …..

goatmonkey2112 says:

If by the harshest conditions you mean my local shopping mall, then yes the
Toyota Mallcruiser is perfect for those conditions!

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