Toyota Land Cruiser (Prado) 2014 review – Carbuyer

Toyota Land Cruiser (Prado) 2014 review – Carbuyer

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HectorNintendoCraft says:

Another example of Toyotas being ugly these days…

olaf2046 says:


TheCargeek123 says:

Nissan Patrol would destroy this hideous SUV!

Best Daniel says:

The screen is bigger than 4.2 inch :)) 

vince33x says:

INFINITI QX50 [nee’ QX56] is a much better sorted vehicle…more capable
AND more luxurious!

Adam says:

Mmmm, yuck.

hung huge says:

Anybody else think the front of this looks more like a Jeep cherokee than
the new Jeep cherokee?

michal03966 says:

Ugly – both interior and exterior. And extremely expensive for what it
actually is … Step up Toyota for Christ sake!

aram442 says:

this car might get Awarded for the ugliest car of the 2014

Daryl Castillo says:

Cheeky reach-around? XD That’s not very PG, Watson!

Sam Mehta says:

So am I the only one that doesn’t think the Land Cruiser is not ugly?

Peter Sims says:

The discovery is reliable? Really???

Of the big 4×4’s I’d own this over any Euro one with reliability as the
reason, but man, I’d have to be desperate or have an exact need to buy
something so expensive and ugly! 

MeagansPets says:

This truck in the USA is the Lexus GX

drawdy trick says:

Toyota your ground clearance is too high + you need catching up on 21st
century technology! 

pedrof830 says:

So Matt had a bagel and Rebecca a banana?? that is odd!

Rytis36 says:

Am I the only one who thinks all new toyotas are terrible looking?

Billy Johnson says:

Why must Toyota insist on designing such ugly cars?!
And a 5 speed gear box, there is no way I would buy any new car that only
comes with a 5 speed, even my dad’s 2002 Fiat came with a 6 speed as

sushi777300 says:

Travel with Mat or Rebecca and you’ll never be hungry!

Frank Sandqvist says:

The non-Prado Land Cruiser (the one they have in the US) is much better

Rolf Claes says:

Without a doubt the ugliest car i ever saw in my life.

wtrdogg20 says:

That front end… Horrible!
Besides that, When the hell is Toyota going to realize that sideward
opening rear door is Not Usefull!! Rear doors in a car like that must open
UPWARD! All other Japanese car makers know it…
For the price and considering the off road capabilities of that car, I can
get a Forester, that cost less, is SAFER, more powerful (turbo version),
and has better fuel economy, plus the same ground clearance than the LC
Prado, and same (if not better) off road capabilities.

George Shailas says:

Toyota seems instead of making more attractive cars, it does exactly the
opposite. I own a 1999 Land Cruiser one. No comparison.

Tech Defender says:

Isn’t this basically a Lexus gx?

yusef qudah says:

designed bu alien and looks like one 

Moby Dick says:

he said monoCOCK

Fahim Khair says:

This is such an asian car

Lawrence Lo says:

I thought he is going to eat the donut

Exhale says:

bagel alert!!!

Daedalus says:

Most hideous SUV I have ever come across.

enemay says:

this thing is a beast, but I kinda think the styling is too 1995. For my
money the Toyota Fortuner is a better back for your buck.

test1uci says:

Jeep GC is the same price and it is much better overall.

Kiddomike says:

Very informative! Nice. I have to agree with the Prado looking like Jaws. 

BoschExxcel says:

Hideous and boring. Buy a Range Rover!

Yue Lu says:

i cant find in USA

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