Toyota Land Cruiser – Overdrive First Drive

Toyota Land Cruiser – Overdrive First Drive

Bertrand D’Souza (Deputy Editor, Overdrive) drives the new Toyota Land Cruiser.



عراقي متسامح says:

The reporter hasn’t done his homework , in all tests desert in Oman ,
African jungle and Australia the LC was the best SUV in the world

symmetry08 says:

Most Nations in the world aren’t paved 100% as needed and road qualities
are not up to developed countries standards. Occasional pot holes and teeth
shuddering irregularities make regular small vehicles prone to dangerous
avoidance maneuver, and tiresome attentions to road that demand all the
time to spare vehicle from costly repair results in inconveniences. Who can
afford just drive one of those. The same big and badly build vehicles are
another additional inconvenience in these countries.

TheClubshaker says:

It outruns all the Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Land Rover, Range Rover
offroad and onroad. It’s bigger, stronger, better! Toyota is the best

bo3azozus says:

No doubt this car is really powerful offroad vehicle but i can’t call it a
luxury car. Compared with the Nissan patrol, BMW X5, or Range rover. I find
it ugly, especially from the inside

elysian100 says:

Ya d government should do something to reduce the duties…Anyways LC

Rohith Nair says:

are u frickin kiddin me i can take a fortuner on in my landcruiser any
where any time

Martz Mayam-o says:

escalade you say? shish!! american tsktsktsk…… don’t you know that
japanese cars are more reliable practical and efficient than those big huge
non-efficient V8 petrol american cars.

tunmerarakha says:

i rather drive my caddilac escalade then any toyota truck. looks way better
then this japanese thing.

dushyantx says:

No.Look up what they buy.

maxthehulk says:

toyota fortuner is better than this toyota land cruiser and toyota fortuner
can eat this toyota land cruiser in off roading

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