Toyota Land Cruiser FJ desert test

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ desert test

Toyota’s Land Cruiser FJ 4.0 V6 tested in the dunes of Southern Africa. This one was modified by LA Sport.



GlockNinja says:

is the gas mileage as bad as people say? Does it really ride smooth on
paved roads? I heard it was a bit rough ride and noisy. Is is a
comfortable car on long highway drives? Thanks you for the video. It was
quite entertaining. 

Dav3 says:

I want it

LarryC213 says:

They are discontinuing this model in the U.S. after this year. I wish that
Toyota had offered this car in the U.S. market with a diesel engine. I hope
to be able to buy one before they are discontinued.

Huner M. Amin says:

Thank you, it was a great review, did you share any post about wrangler

sam loon says:

How much is Toyota been paying you? Get a Nisan patrol. A real
four-wheel-drive. Your toy toyota will breakdown in Australia. 

DreadlockDrummer says:

soooooo many blind spots

NotsoJoe Rogan says:

Gayest car you can get without a rainbow paint job 

Tyler Cooper says:

i wish they would come out with a big turbo diesel version of the FJ

NoPhame says:

Is the market really that big in America for 4wD Toyotas? Is there that
many teenagers using them to drive to wallmart that they HAD to release
them that much earlier in the states? And now of course there is only a
petrol version no diesel… Can’t you people just stick to a chev or some
other car? Only market in the world that can ruin a toyota 4wD.. 

bajabilly2004 says:

just drove mine from massachusetts to daytona beach florida 1260 miles one
way towing a motorcycle on a trailer and 2 weeks worth of camping equipment
and it was very comfortable, no problems.. got 15-16 mpg and id say we had
2000lbs worth of stuff.

Naranbat Mend says:

Big mouth shit.

gopher1471 says:

Thank you for an honest review.

William Su says:

Does that mean there will be more updated ones made in AUS if its canceled
in the US?

Jared Lung says:

FJ Nation. Smooth ride, Off-Road fun, Dependability 

Kris Pabico says:

at 5:55 – 6:00 – that’s exactly how i feel when i drive my FJ. 

digisuboob says:

more elephant less ugly truck… jhahaha nah the trucks still pretty cool

digisuboob says:

Im starting to like this guys reviews.

AndyLC1144 says:

If u want more inside space just bought a Prado or a 4runner. It got the
same suspension and platform, just longer frame. And all the aftermarket
parts fit all these trucks :)

mrmeowmixgaming says:

after a while you get used to the strange body shape, i guess its all in
point of view. btw. i picked up an 81 Toyota sr5 with the round headlights
with the stock paint and decals on it for $1,350 looks in good condition,
not badly rusted, and the engine only has around 90,000 miles. doing a
rebuild atm. Best part is that it has the original Trussed Toyota axles!

chingchongnoodles says:

llol might be cancled in usa but not aus soz americans

ciarlienchi says:

very nice test!! Here in Italy FJ did not have much success only because of
the engine…. 4.0 gasoline engine is not affordable here, but if Toyota
will ever decide to put the 3.0 diesel of the Land Cruiser Prado I’m sure
they will sell a lot and not just here in Italy but in the whole Europe

MrMikejackie says:

He so wanted to hate the fj but couldn’t, lol!

86Hilux22R says:

Until you break an axle and get stranded.

86Hilux22R says:

Its on a landcruiser chassis, the only thing bad about the FJCruiser is the
name and the ugly body.

FCSCruiser says:

Saffer lving in Texas and bought the ’13 4 months ago. Absolutely love it!
Went wheeling today at bridgeport tx ohv. I want to see this thing RIP up
baboons pass!!!!

Luís António Pereira Rocha says:

Hi, could you do a proper off-road test on a Nissan Terrano II 2.7
Turbo-diesel? It would be nice to see some good (past 2000) low price 4×4
(accessible for the main public) get tested. It’s made with some parts of
the Patrol. It is heavy used in the iberic peninsula because it’s easily
available in the second hand market, it’s reliable and is really tough for
it’s construction. Beside that it only consumes 10l/100km. Wich gets you
700km (roughly) with one tank.

undead ksa says:

FJ Cruiser one of the best offroad cars have made

Miyuru Weerarathna says:

Honest gentleman. Superb review. Awesome!

4xforum says:

I hope it is false

chingchongnoodles says:

However, Toyota Australia spokesman Stephen Coughlan says the FJ will still
be available in 2014, and that the company has no plans to discontinue it
locally. “We have no plans to discontinue the FJ Cruiser here in
Australia,” he says. Advertisement “We have no termination date for that
model,” he says, stating that because it’s sourced from Japan, the decision
to cancel the off-roader in the US – if that is indeed the case – has no
effect on Australia retaining it as part of its lineup.

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