Toyota Land Cruiser 2009 Review

Toyota Land Cruiser 2009 Review

This is a review of the Toyota Land Cruiser ’09 REVIEW 2009 by KMAX. Produced and directed by ELIZABETH LAVULO. Filmed by Euri Dee. Check out all our reviews here:



David Do says:

Does anyone know wat the first song on this video is?

DiscoveryLegend says:

Check out the Land cruiser rescues H2 Hummer vid on youtube. This car is a

u2backontop1 says:

thanks for u r kindness information …………mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

ren3074 says:

luxury my ass, it is still a Toyota

lydiaferdin88 says:

I love toyota for their reliability but Ive noticed lately that they are
becoming very expensive for the average consumer. Im a college student and
I’m in the market for a small SUV and I was looking at the 09 Toyota Venza
but when I looked at the price, I was shocked so I settled for the 2010
Mazda CX-7 which is 10k less than the toyota

Romeo W says:

nice piece of box on wheels. No thank you, I will stick to Infiniti all the

mcdus78 says:

In Saudi Arabia, the latest Land Cruisers are driven by 16 year olds
without any college degress! And they use the highest octane petrol in the
planet niggah! So stop boasting about your Land Cruiser. Lol!

occultdestroyer says:

It a lot more luxurious. Has that unique ‘car feel’ to it, without
compromising its legendary 4×4 off-road capability.

ctrent859 says:

Thats a nice Landcruiser. Great video man. Keep doing what your doing!

5626284 says:

haha its and okaay car for use arabs =P we let our driver drive this car
… our dads drive a mesarati or a bently or a rolls royce.

Mohammed Ali says:

is this GXR or VXR

swissking007 says:

pfff hahahahahaha, maybe for about 3% of the arab population, cause the
rest of you are a bunch of starving ugly bastards, and please stay off

waleed abdullah says:

Toyota Land Cruiser the best =)

Antoshka7 says:

awesome car…no comment i am an owner but man, looks like you never seen
modern technology or what? every german car has had all those options for
ages… judging by your voice tone, you were sooooo blazed by all this …i
dont know how to explain..ahahaha… got to try new stuff out more

The says:

sugar hill gang (rappers delight!)

Melinda Long says:

For years, I’ve loved the Land Cruiser. . . and for some other reason I
have purchased other SUV’s. But for sure, I know my next ride, . . . my
next purchase with be the Land Cruiser with the luxury package OF COURSE.
King of the Road!

PAT FRO says:

You should of just gone for the Rav4 or something, Mazda’s haven’t been
very reliable lately… Good luck!

techgeekism says:

It is a 5.7 not 5.6


nice car >> But it is 5.7 not 5.6

worlddxb says:

isnt it 5.7L?

sarzamineiran says:

take it offroad thats where its meant to be!

cacao58 says:

yo ! that’s the lame video i ever saw !!!! man for i saw that’s you first
SUV ever…. next time when think to put the title can do go to a off road
course and text your SUV. you don’t shoe nothing relevant about it.

VTMeng says:

is that diesel?

Descartes619 says:

@TheWhatitdo Kmax, I’m a fan of your “urban reviews.” get a facebook so ppl
can add you! also, what’s your favorite luxury sedan?

Hassan A says:

Try affording a ticket and go to the middle east. You’ll realize how wrong
what you said was.

occultdestroyer says:

There are other ‘open cities’ beside Dubai. Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain also
give more freedom to expatriates. Qatar will soon have a radical change
after the reign of the current monarch, since his son was educated in
America. His son was interviewed in CNN, and he opposed most Islamic views
and was pro-Western.

lowboost says:

is this Cleveland? Party over here!

FreeMason34 says:

Could´ve seemed a little bit more of a professional video plus lots less
distracting without all that slang… seemed uneducated, basically un-pro.
Regards and best luck next time.

john mt says:

Are you rapping dude, I felt like listening hip hop, are all niggas talk
like that? btw Nice ride, I wnna take it to offride

lydiaferdin88 says:

whats the difference between the land cruiser and the sequioa??????? I have
a 2010 5.7 liter toyota sequoia and honestly its the same thing but for
half the price

chewchewg says:

bamm…. you know….. I like…… speaking getto stolen landcuiser for
thrill.. And you need college degree…

Nytherr says:

If you are going to take your family anywhere in style, the Land Cruiser is
the choice.

Hassan A says:

LOL, so true.

BORN2LOSE13 says:

God to think the Land Cruiser used to be a bare bones, capable off roader.
Now its a bloated soccer mom mall crawler.

victorioarvin says:

how many km per liter does it consume?tnx one word ENVY NICE VID BTW

swissking007 says:

ive been already to the middle east, the only nice parts, are in israel in
the jewish parts, and dubai, the rest can burn in hell

The says:

i speak proper english! but the producer of this show asked me to talk a
little slang so calm down! i’m in character.

LerdoBurgerPimp says:

Its a 5.7 son

aky19832001 says:

Most people have dreams of owning a high end sports car. Me, I just a Land
Cruiser. For anyone who’s driven this beast, will know why. Its worth every

Jaycob Baez says:

Nothing comes close to the land cruiser

aky19832001 says:

This car is remarkably well thought out and engineered by Toyota. SUV with
luxary, performance, reliability. comparison with the Rang Rover. I know
from personal experience, that the Ranger Rover falls short in and that’s
reliability and off road capability. Worked in a used car dealership for a
while, and I hated selling, or dealing with Rovers period. The worst ones
were the supercharged. Plagued with electronical problems, it was
consistent for all rovers we had, various models and years.

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