Toyota Innova Test Drive Review – Autoportal

Toyota Innova Test Drive Review – Autoportal If you are in the market for a genuine 7-seater with comfortable seating in all three rows then look no further….



Akansha Rai says:

Best MPV…..!!!
Nice Review Ashish..asusual :)

Dhananjayan Kausshik says:

Although the Innova is a very comfortable car, it is a DECADE OLD car. With
it’s age old, strained and low geared 2.5l diesel guzzler simply can’t even
match the smaller engines; even the multijet 1.3 for overall highway
performance and smoothness. The interiors are extensively boring and OLD
again. Moreover Toyota has frankly f***ed up the front looks of this old
man further. Also the sky rocketing, highly arrogant pricing of almost 16
lacs for the top-end model isn’t worth it. The Aria, with has twice longer
equipment list than the Innova is available at a lesser price!!
I simply wouldn’t want to waste my money only for reliability and
traditionality and getting this old hag with that ugly face, where I can
get a much better cruiser with longer list of equipment and even better
comfort for lesser price.
It’s my personal opinion.
Good review though.
But I beg to differ that the Innova’s front seats are not the “Most
comfortable under 20 lacs”. Maruti’s front seats are the BEST for driving
as well as traveling in. Also the Xylo, XUV and Aria too have their own
separate 3rd row AC vents.
Either Ashishji forgot all these facts, or he is an Innova fan.

Abhishek Panchal says:

xylo also has last row ac vent. But good review 

lawry010 says:

Thank you Sir.

krisnaive says:

Nice overall video reviews. Detailed and not too jazzy. One aspect I would
like to see in your future reviews is the overall safety features in the
vehicles. Considering that our roads are not the safest, a quick mention
about Airbags,ABS,EBD etc will be very informative for us. 

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