Toyota Innova making in factory



nathan dinata says:

High Quality Control.Toyota Indonesia Manufacturing Excellent 

HARRI G says:

So high quality control

Soni Hermawan says:

Buat indo yg comment jgn masukin komen yg gk mutu yaaa… gk enak di baca
ma negara laen

muhammad azhari says:

toyota kijang innova.. kijang from indonesia

kalimantans says:

thanks for video bro nice share

Aerodynamic14 says:

can anyone help me our toyota innova J is brand new, though when we play
the stereo the only speaker working are in the front (in the driver’s and
front passenger’s seats). How can we enable the speakers in the middle’s
and rear’s??

fegue2 says:

oh i see…that’s why i haven’t seen at all that toyota model around
here,also looks like an older corolla,a mid 90’s corolla … The same way
we have here the Corolla Matrix(a variant of the Corolla sedan) that is
exclusive for the American and Canadian market.

dustinwb86 says:

if you keep buyin non american cars one day you will work for the japs
thats a fact

crysisen says:

Toyota city ,Japan .

maxnanabas09 says:

@Wutcool not all innova are made in indonesia, almost all country in earth
has a toyota plant

YouTubeYouTube says:

the first Innova is produced in Indonesia,this proofs dat Innova came from
Indonesia,not Japan !

jun13371 says:

Toyota Innova is real made in malaysia or indonesia, But the car designed
in indonesia.

Faldi KasKuser says:


鈴木 夜神士 says:

Major Innova in Malaysian and Thailand market is manufactured in Thailand
plant. The quality is quite okay, not as terrible as the comment mentioned.

taufan8687 says:


SheehanCein18 says:

1:22 why is the steering wheel 2 spoke?

Djayo Anggoro says:

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

userankur says:

yes, u r absolutely right man..

Lakshay Sharma says:

lol they r all brown(south asians not asians lmfao lol its in chennai
somewhere in south of india)

Wutcool says:

indonesia, my friend. innova is produced in indonesia

P Ko says:

Where is this factory located ?

Jason Fletcher says:

@bimantaras di indo kijang kapsul ato kotak udah kejual lebih dari 1 juta
unit lo, meskipun butuh 3 dekade

Ahsan Lakhani says:

thats cool!

fegue2 says:

Where is the primary markets of this vehicle??

Rahul Jones says:

@bimantaras Production also started in Bangalore, India for the Indian
Market. For the outside market including Middle East its made from
Indonesia mostly. Japan Toyota factory concentrates more on Land Cruisers
and Lexus.

Konata Izumi says:

I don’t know about you…..i think Innova is a fucking ugly…..

SheehanCein18 says:

What type is this innova? J, E, G, or V, or Luxury?

SheehanCein18 says:

H-how did you know???

azlan mahmud says:

The innova shown there must be the lowest spec

Faldi KasKuser says:

@1:48 210 KM/H !!!

LTF85199 says:

why are they wearing caps?

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