Toyota Innova Limited Edition Press Release – 2014

Toyota Innova Limited Edition Press Release – 2014

Available in all new color – Bronze Mica Metallic • Plush new interior and stylish chrome exterior enhancements • Attractively priced, the all new Innova L…



Arnold Schwarzenigger says:

Is this a student movie? I’m sure Toyota could’ve done better to find a
professional production house to produce this spot.

kaneotwasf says:

Trying to get rid of the old Innovas and getting ready for the new Innova

Putra Rahimi Purbo says:

No Rear spoiler , foglamp , rear wiper frameless ?

priyadarshi das says:

#ToyotaInnova_in #TripleTheFun Simply The Ultimate Comfortable Riding
#INNOVA #2014 #Edition 

Fossilised roy says:

Absolutely stunning!!
Simply a master piece.
A eye catcher full of style & comfort.
Cheers to Toyota for bringing this Limited Edition Innova 2014.

safrin khan says:

Super nice car

priyadarshi das says:
Lakozy Toyota says:

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