Toyota Hilux SR5 Offroad

Toyota Hilux SR5 Offroad

Turbo Diesel Hilux with the Following Mods. Xrox Front BullBar 2.5inch Lift 32 inch Maxxis Muddies Filmed in Western Aus.



Ben Ure says:

working hard…..

Ben p says:


Just wondering if the owner of this car attends Bunbury Cathedral Gramma
School in any way shape or form. 

Joss Warburton says:

Didn’t need 4wd…

Coyote Man says:

Hi-Lux, just in case you encounter very large rocks on your way to work.

harry Egan says:

Nice video mate. im a p plater to although I go for every hill without
thinking twice got a sr 2006 manual lux front and rear air locked, 2 inch
lift and 31 bighorns, arb comp bar. Ill have to make some videos and link
you to them if your in vic shouls go for drive haha

jess Bateman says:

What do u think of the xrox bullbar?

narong ophasanan says:

Ilove toyota hilux. Good

Michael Jones says:

Made that look easy 

randomroen says:

Awesome Hilux! Have you done anything to the engine in this video? It
sounds good!

pancito pancitos says:


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