Toyota Hilux Review

Toyota Hilux Review

Our review of the 2012 / 2013 model year Toyota Hilux Double Cab HL3.



Pang Christian says:

Hey is there automatic mode on this car? Why dont you give a review?

MaZEEZaM says:

Argh it’s not a truck it’s a UTE

J High says:

Ahhhh……..The Toyota Hilux
The preferred mobile weapon platform for terrorists, insurgents, and third
world militias around the globe.

Brendan Unger says:

Not hard to spin tires at a tight junction? Obviously they haven’t driven
in a Canadian winter before. 😛 good review. Just wish it was made it
Canada as well. A mix of the Hilux and Tundra would make a really nice work
truck if you ask me. ;)

Joe Newsome says:

Solid review.if you complain about noise,gerra car.your mindset n needs are
in the wrong ballpark

Superdsheppard says:

Great machine!!!

Peter Rogers says:

All ordered for March delivery with private plate whoop.

Brendon Racine says:

enjoyed the review, thanks

frfrpr says:

Very, very good presentation. No fluff, voiced over, all about the vehicle
and not about the presenter (who did a very good job) Video is part of your
brand and this is one of the most professional I’ve seen. 

TestDriven says:


Venny says:

Is this one also indestructible?

Godismylife1 says:

toyota your awesome

Sea Edu says:

Thats why i bought the normal lowered version suspension..took the lifted
vesion for a ride, way too bouncy and dangeous during sharp cornering…

Ron Navin says:

Good review.. Love this truck

ozgur jahn says:

still noisy .why cant they make a quitter diesel engine like mercedes

Cars on Film says:

Toyota / Hedge interface, one of the best comments ever used in a car
review 🙂

07lkt says:

awesome review…

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