Toyota Hilux Review – Used 4×4 4WD

Toyota Hilux Review – Used 4×4 4WD

This video reviews the 1998 Toyota Hilux, looking at it in terms of the used car market. In 2013, this model Toyota Hilux is now 15 years old, so does this m…



papuna pakatsoshvili says:

great video,great car

JetiiKz says:

Anyone know what inch lift it has got?

On The Dirt says:

A quick review of the 1998 Toyota Hilux.

frr1990 says:

Great review! More please!

whiskeyinthejar24 says:

Actually a 66 litre tank in the dual cabs. 77 is in the extra cabs.

ceriops123 says:

But i will be sticking with my TD5 Defender 😀

Alex Brosnan says:

have the exact same truck

RocketFisk says:

Great vid! If possible, a similar style review of the gen.2 Pajero (around
1999-ish) would be really cool to see! But again, thanks for the great

ceriops123 says:

Great Video

stringer adams says:

good rigs the mk4(uk).. mine outdid plenty of lifted solid axle rigs
offroad running a 4″ kit, front diffs break but are cheap to replace and
the rest is strong..they are superior on the blackstuff aswell .. mine has
an lc80 sas conversion now , but coiling the rear with the front still IFS
first was the best mod , and that transformed its abilty and still kept its
road manners .. why the IFS model never got a coiled rear option is beyond
me .

1TonTaco says:

I would love to import one of the older ones that come with a live solid
axles and a diesel one day here to california, we cant get the hilux here
unless we imoprt them but instead I have 2 tacomas and my 2001 double cab
is alot like this truck but I wish it was diesel for some reason we cant
get toyota diesels here in the US???

SmacSA says:

great video mate. this is probably my favourite shape hilux

whiskeyinthejar24 says:

Due to emissions laws/taxes apparently

whiskeyinthejar24 says:

Love my 1998 2.7 DC Lux!

Biton Walstra says:

I personal would never ever buy a Petrol version of the Hilux, especial for
long distance driving. My 2002 2.5 d4d double cab UK MK5 model did between
36 / 40 mpg something what a Petrol head never makes and will pay it self
back in the today’s rising fuel costs.

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