Toyota Hilux On/Off Road Drive

Toyota Hilux On/Off Road Drive

A quick tour and drive of my uncles 2010 Toyota Hilux 3.0 D4D Invincible. Its a good workhorse, there is plenty of torque for pulling trailers, and on the ro…



James Toyota says:

yes, i have drive of my 2006 Toyota Hilux 3.0 D4D on the Road it is quite
fuel consumption around 9-10 kilometers per lite and loading 700kg goods.
lovely !

Razak Wahab says:

Toyota hilux the best…

matthew morgan says:

I love the ending mate

kaka koshear says:

I have 2.7 vvti your hilux is the best we dont have diesel hilux in

peugeotCitroen2CV says:

Do you not have the diesel engine option, or the hilux?

peugeotCitroen2CV says:

Thanks, we don’t get the 4 runner here any more only the land cruiser, but
older versions were sold as the hilux surf, a friend had a 2.4td and put
well over 300,000 miles on the clock without any problems.

Dave Green says:

DPF is only fitted to 2012 > models

Andrew Decena says:

We really need this in the U.S. 🙁 Toyota is cheating us.

Mikhail Zakharov says:

clean it man!

DaShnipa says:

Nope to both, we have the Toyota Tacoma, while still a fantastic little
truck in it’s own right, its not a diesel hilux. It’s got a 4.0L V6, 5sp
auto or 6spd manual. The emissions dipshits on our side of the world have
pretty much screwed any mass market diesel engine options. Hopefully this
will change.

revolutionpm says:

I don’t want to see another hi-lux vid, ever. This one can’t be beat !!

peugeotCitroen2CV says:

I dont drive it often so im not sure exactly what it does, but generally
speaking it can do 30mpg without a trailer, i pulled a car transporter and
a peugeot 406 it was saying 21mpg.

Finnish Patriot Gamer says:

How many liters does it consume /100 ?

kyle benjamin says:

so. im from America. and I was wondering since the steering wheel and the
shifter is on the opposite side, does that go the same for the clutch brake
and gas?

Finnish Patriot Gamer says:


peugeotCitroen2CV says:

It doesnt need cleaned its a pickup, it gets dirty all the time washing it
would be a waste of time. It was waxoyled when new so the muck cant do it
any harm.

peugeotCitroen2CV says:

Thanks for the comment. The hilux is also my favourite, but id love one of
the late 80’s ones that top gear tried to destroy. My uncle drives this
one, so its not my job to keep it clean, being used on a farm and with 3
children it does get dirty frequently, but it is amazing how easy it is to
clean it up.

Lincsjoker777 says:

Thank you for this video. I am looking to purchase one of these to tow my
caravan. A couple of questions if you dont mind answering them. 1: i
believe the newer ones have a DPF fitted has you uncle had any issues with
it? 2: so far had it been reliable? What is it like towing? My caravan
weighs 1.6 tons laden and my current truck has 240bhp ( petrol)

peugeotCitroen2CV says:

Normally it averages 30-32mpg without a load, but if it had a heavy enough
trailer on the back it will dip down to about 20mpg, the worst was 15mpg
when we brought a tractor home from donegal. I would avoid tuning boxes
they are not good for an engine, remap is the most reliable option, see a
toyota forum to help with that decision though. The DPF would only clog if
it was used on short trips, such as with small diesel cars but a hilux gets
used for proper journeys most of the time.

peugeotCitroen2CV says:

I think they are quite similar, at least according to wiki the tacoma seems
to be adapted for the road a bit more than the hilux. Although the 3.0
Diesel is it available for the tacoma?

supermacs1 says:

I have a Nissan navara, but the hilux is king!

Antonio Dominguez says:

It looks similar to tha tacoma here in america

peugeotCitroen2CV says:

I think they are quite similar, at least according to wiki the tacoma seems
to be adapted for the road a bit more than the hilux. Although the 3.0
Diesel is it available for the tacoma?

peugeotCitroen2CV says:

My uncle drives this every day as a car and it hasnt gave any trouble, he
bought it new a couple of years ago and has it serviced properly it hasnt
gave a moments trouble. I dont know about the particulate filter, although
id be sure it has one being a 2010 model, but if it ever gave trouble it
can be ripped out and the ecu remapped to ignore it. As for pulling its
great, it can pull a transporter and tractor and it doesnt feel like its
there, the only thing is its hard on fuel with a big load.

Lincsjoker777 says:

Thank you for your reply. When you say hard on fuel how hard is it? I
currently tow with a 3.5 V6 petrol so get 20mpg at best. Will it do better
than that? Sorry for all the questions. Also mot sure about mapping out the
DPF i cannot find anyone to touch toyota ECU’s but i can find a number of
different tuning boxes. However after asking a few high end mechanics it
does not look like these suffer from DPF clogging anyway which is a bonus.
Thanks again.

mian luqman umor says:

Nice video 🙂

peugeotCitroen2CV says:

The clutch is on the left, brake in the middle, and throttle/gas on the
right. The pedal arrangement remains the same regardless if it is left or
right hand drive.

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