Toyota HiLux D4D 4×4 Impressions



digisuboob says:

I like how he says not to bully the vehicle… haha he basically raped that
pathfinder in the pathfinder review :)

Madplantgarden firma says:

the nissan navara is way better

memekthecat says:

I do like it but I never consider to own it.. Its perform well on a smooth
terrain but not off road..and I’ve never seen it on the Dakar rally

PressRtoKarthus says:

the tacoma is the hilux with a different body

alwcurlz says:

Big deal. An 80’s AMC Eagle could do the same thing, and it was a car.

gturtell says:

That would be the Moose test done at Mitsubishi (look at the buildings)
where the Hilux was driven faster and turned in more violently ? Not a true
or even representative test.

Ayeshan Bandara says:

toyota today are just not that good.. i was a toyota fan all my life. When
i test drove the hilux i hated it instantly. I hated the dull interior. the
ride comfort, even rear leg room. Once i drove the NEw Mitsubishi l200 WOW>
it was vast difference. ITs a awesome truck i love.. being using it for
like 8 months now. its very comfy more extras and decently priced too..

Madplantgarden firma says:

i dont think my navara woudnt be eable to do that either

sam0220331 says:

do the hilux’s have diff lock or was it a secondery modifcation

Ubermensch4ever says:

My dad has it…and when I drove it…so much power! A great pick-up,

ashish atif says:

you are right ! i am with you

MetaView7 says:

if Toyota sells the Hilux in North America, Ford and GM would go broke.

meattube4u33 says:

lexus wont let you shift to neutral at wot

chandana marasinghe says:

is this the same place you tested the Defender ?

TheCarArchives says:

the engine on the 2005-present Toyota Hilux/ Toyota Hilux Vigo/ Guangzhou
Toyota Hilux Engine 2.0 L 100 kW (134 hp) I4 1TR-FE 2.5 L 75 kW (101 hp) I4
2KD-FTV turbo diesel only 2.5 L 88 kW (118 hp) I4 2KD-FTV intercooled turbo
diesel 2.5 L 106 kW (142 hp) I4 2KD-FTV intercooled VN turbo diesel 2.7 L
118 kW (158 hp) I4 2TR-FE 3.0 L 127 kW (170 hp) I4 1KD-FTV intercooled VN
turbo diesel 4.0 L 176 kW (236 hp) 1GR-FE V6

mobz16 says:

seriously my dad jus bought one and we live in the caribbean imported
straight for japan and the hilux is one of the best japanese pickups in the
caribbean it does well on all mountanoius terrains

Lucho López says:

sorry how much is that car? thankyou

Hernan Moser says:

Toyota has too many quality problems, and they will be even more. They used
to built decent vehicles in the past…not anymore

Toulavej58 says:

Running boards on a 4×4 ?! If you buy a pick up for what it is
intended=working truck ,you do not need running boards,etc perfect
paint,running boards,all that is for urban cowboys. tough guys wana- be
Hilux has a rich and long history,and so far the best truck one can buy

Feisal_1 says:

Please don’t bring a ‘Ford’ into 4X4 off roading! There are only two off
road cars, the Landrover and Land Cruiser! Americans don’t know anything
about cars and especially off roading!

MarielaSimons says:

No matter what they said, I love this truck, I LOVE IT!!! I own one! the

flenny says:

my ranger isnt american built or designed, its actually a mazda under the
ford badging and hate to burst ur bubble but ur beloved land rover copied
the first mass produced 4×4, the willy’s jeep

LiNux 4 Life says:

@nawras94al However, you won’t have to take them to the mechanics every 2
weeks, and they’re rock solid. For these reason you can resell them at a
fair price as well, then you don’t really pay more than the competitors.

Robson Aying says:

hummer is good but…better than HILUX…….!!~~

KayNineLP says:

@EndangeredSoup Stupid question but what’s the 3L for seeing that there’s
already 2.8 of something

Metallirocks says:

@Zeus94ify Hahahahhahahahahahahahaahah. – Hummer better than Hilux.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Thats a good one.

D King says:

The US got shafted with the Tacoma… They’re still amazing trucks, but
compared to the Hilux they’re just not up to snuff and not getting the D4D
(or ANY small Diesel trucks) is just criminal. I’m having to build my own
Hilux Surf/1KZ-TE cause I’m so desperate to have an oil-burner and all the
great things it means for an Overland vehicle… Like 25-30mpg loaded and
going over a 12,000ft. pass on a 2 week outing into the PNW wilderness.

Nawras says:

@hendobizle thanks i will try it

The Swift Program says:

The running boards don’t go much lower then the other stuff underneath plus
that was only the factory standard boards. If you get steel ones your fine.

freestyla101 says:

@Zeus94ify do you say that because it looks better as a poster on your
wall? or from experience. hummers are about as good off road as a bmw x5 m

chunky1x says:

no limited diff rear is a major drawback

vettefever67 says:

for the love of god please sell this in america

Nawras says:

in australia these models are still too expensive

D King says:

Old Toyotas Are amazing, I’ve a 1st Gen Hilux Surf and it’s got 315K miles
on it and it’s still rock solid. The frames under them are bigger then most
“full size” US pickups of a few years ago and they go off-road like few
other vehicles in history BUT, the D4D is an amazing motor aye. I’m
swapping a 1KZ-TE into a 2nd Gen 4Runner (Surf) here in the US to have he
best of both worlds. I never drove Mitsu’s in OZ when I lived there, but I
love Mitsu’s, sadly we don’t get them in the US. Typical

mischeviousclc says:

@4xforum Just to back up ma man…dont for get the Might Landrover 110
Defender..if u use a Hummer as an off road vehicle here in Botswana u just
making a fool outta urself, better stick to the tarmac if u are to be using

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