Toyota Hilux 2014 SR5 – Review

Toyota Hilux 2014 SR5 – Review

In this video Charli reviews the 2014 Toyota Hilux SR5 Diesel – Dual Cab. There has been some very minor modifications to the Toyota Hilux in 2014 but Toyota…



hhhddd502 says:

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Ara J says:

under 52k whaaat ??…here in middle east it is for 30k fully loaded says:

Check out the not so new Toyota Hilux and what Charli has to say about it.

Norman Afif says:

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ManuelFresh100 says:

I love this chick!

Tomoyuki Watanabe says:

Correction Lower Contribution:Toyota HILUX is not Salling at Japan. sorry.

Jason Mi says:

LOL fruit picking. Love the Vids Guys, Presenters know their stuff and are
entertaining and concise. Best Aussie car reports I’ve seen, others feel
stale and cold. Well done, keep it up. Pleasure to watch

Tomoyuki Watanabe says:

ahaha!!! Orangeee!!! so,after Long time!! Hm~, Toyota HILUX is nothing at
Japan. and Winter??at Yours??

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