Toyota Highlander vs Mazda CX-9 – Edmunds A-Rated Crossover SUVs Face Off

Toyota Highlander vs Mazda CX-9 – Edmunds A-Rated Crossover SUVs Face Off Two cars and two editors Face Off: the Toyota Highlander vs the Mazda CX-9. Editors James Riswick and Mike Monticello deba…


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Edmunds A-Rated Crossover SUVs Face Off: +TOYOTA Highlander vs +Mazda USA

Which would you choose?

jvrdlc says:

“unless you have a passion for gas stations” lol nice

Daniel Marrett says:

My 2 cents, I chose the CX9 because when I’m not hauling the family, the
dogs or the little league team and its just me, the Mazda’s driving
dynamics let me feel like I’m not in the family truckster. Second reason is
price reality, Mazda is selling a product fully amortized in production
costs. I got a fully loaded touring with premium package and AWD for 7k
less than then a comparable Highlander plus zero % financing. I like
Toyota, owned several, but Mazda being the underdog worked hard to earn my
business and has been very responsive post purchase. I’d say try both like
new shoes and go with the one that fits you best, can’t go wrong with
either of these SUV’s. My wife’s input, the Mazda has more elegant lines.

Jan-Michael Franklin says:

I can’t believe nobody mentioned that the CX-9 is just a recent refresh of
an aging platform where the Highlander is all new. This competition will be
quite different when /if a new CX-9 arrives with skyactive tech.

tim allen says:

I love and own both a mazda and a toyota. I love both of theses suvs but
that motor that highlander has is incredible. If you could buy the body of
the Mazda on the frame of the highlander you would have an amazing suv.
That crappy ford 3.7l v6 is really bringing this car down. Cant wait for
the turbo 4 or the new v6.

Puny Striker says:

Love these 5 category comparisons! Keep it up!

Rashad Muhammad says:

How come mike always gets the losing car? If there is a next review with
mike, give him the more popular option then review

jmc6000 says:

Still would chose my 2013 CX-9 over the new Highlander if given the
choice. Just on styling alone the Mazda wins!

Ivan Vojt says:

A new CX-9 is coming, probably 2016. Adults in the 3rd row of a CX-9, are
you kidding me? The Highlander loses a seat in higher trim levels. Yes
the 4 cylinder in a Highlander is pointless. Toyota should have offered a
base model Hybrid instead.

Jack Shropshire says:

Toyota Highlander “fastest 3 row crossover SUV tested”? Fastest than a
Hemi Powered Durango? Ford Explorer Sport? I don’t have the numbers in
front of me but I have a hard time believing it could beat either. Please
correct me if I’m wrong

supremewhip says:

For something that is 8 years old in design, the CX-9 really holds up a
good competition.

mark williams says:

@supremewhip true

shums0355 says:


thetraviss says:

Test drove many, many 3 row SUVs. The CX-9 won for us and we took one home.
Though admittedly it didn’t win by much. The mazda really isn’t the “best”
in any category, but it is consistently good across many. The fun to drive
/ feels smaller than it is really sealed the deal though.

Stampy Short nose says:

Yes Toyota won

Mohammed Ahmed says:

Highlander nyday

blahhhhxD1 says:

The CX-9 is just way too dated in body design even with a third refresh

Matthew Cheung says:

Please do CLA 250 VS Audi A3 2.0T 

yiyangcheng says:

I’d rather have Acadia

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