Toyota GT86, Toyota FT-86, Scion FRS video review

Toyota GT86, Toyota FT-86, Scion FRS video review

Could the new Toyota GT86 be the best car the firm has ever made? Steve Sutcliffe tests Toyota’s new rear-wheel drive coupe on track. Read the full Autocar r…



krulux says:

I own an FRS. I’ve had mine coming up on a year now. If someone would
have asked me a year ago if today I would be driving a 4-cylinder tuner car
I would have laughed at them. I’m at the age where men start looking at
cars most others would see as a “mid-life-crisis” purchase.

Last year I started looking for something fun to drive. My budget was
35-40K which is used territory for the upper end sports cars, at least for
what I had my eye on. You know the type, old guy in a Corvette or
Porsche. Eventually I decided against buying used and started looking at
options a rung or two lower.

I grew up on classic muscle cars and have owned a few over the years. I do
like the retro look of the SS Camaro or GT Mustangs. I even fancied the RT
Challenger. But after seeing the prices on some of those cars and having
crazy insurance prices quoted I decided to look in an entirely new

My friend told me to check out a WRX. Subaru. Ok. Enter the Subaru WRX.
Now this was something different! 4 cylinder boxer engine. Turbo. All
wheel drive. Price is good. My new obsession. I started reading about
the performance of these little banshee’s. I was hooked. I went and test
drove one. Loved it. Almost bought it. Then I saw the BRZ for the first
time as another customer was returning from a test drive. Whoa. What is
that? I asked the salesman. Oh, the BRZ.. do you like it? Uhh.. yes! How
much is it? 28K? WTF? That car is 28K?

Unfortunately, it was the only one on the lot at the time. I did not get a
chance to drive that BRZ. The guy on the test drive decided to buy it, so
all I could do was check it out. He did tell me that Toyota made the same
car. Toyota? Yup, under their Scion badge. Scion? Yup, and it’s less
than the BRZ. WTF?

And so I switched gears and started researching the BRZ and FRS. When a
reviewer, especially those like Autocar or Top Gear, favorably compare a
sub 30K car to those that cost 2 or 3 times as much that is a win! A win
for us the driver and those that love to drive. I like to think of the
BRZ/FRS as a poor man’s Porsche. All the fun for way less cash.

Naturally, I wanted the Subaru version but at the time they were
back-ordered for weeks. I wanted one right then. So I found a Toyota
dealer that sold Scion’s and found my FRS. It was the only one on the
lot. A beautiful Whiteout FRS 6MT. I bought it immediately after the test
drive. I can say without a doubt it is the best driver’s car I’ve ever
driven. Hands down. This car makes other “performance” cars feel like
boats. This car is a switchblade in a world of pen knives.

No, the car is not the fastest thing I’ve ever driven. Not by a long
shot. I’ve owned a number of muscle cars over the years that would pummel
my little FRS on paper and 0-60 or down the 1/4. None of those cars comes
close to the sheer handling and driving capability of the FRS. Beyond dick
measuring, which I’m way past at this point in my life, it is an awesome
car for the money. It follows the old mantra of going fast by not having
to slow down.

I know what it means now when someone says “it’s on rails”. You simply
point this car where you want it to go and it goes there. It carves up the
back road twisties like a Ginsu through a tomato. It’s handling will make
even sloppy drivers look good. In the hands of a good driver this car is
magnificent. Viagra wishes it worked this good!

Since I’ve owned the car for a while now I’ve started to mod it to my
tastes. The modding scene for this car is growing and there are plenty
examples of those putting down real respectable numbers if that is your
thing. By simply upgrading the exhaust, adding a header and running a
stage2 tune improved my own car by 25bhp, which is considerable for a car
this light.. which is leading me to upgrade the tires now. That Prius
rubber ain’t cutting it anymore (although it is fun to power slide!!)

I just recently ordered some 18×8 wheels and 225/40 sticky tires.. and a
set of lowering springs to drop it a bit. All in all, I’ve been very
satisfied with my choice to drive an FRS. It has been easy on the
pocketbook and it is a freaking blast to drive everyday. It’s the only car
I’ve ever owned that makes me look forward to driving it and to think about
driving it when I’m not. It may not appeal to everyone, but to those that
get it, this is a real deal driving machine. Enjoy!

Shane Earley says:

The GT86 is one of the best car’s ive ever driven, like it so much I drove
it 4 times including the automatic transmission love everything about it.
Glad to see Toyota stepping back into the era of proper JDM sports cars.

NemanjaGuitar says:

haha, can’t stop drifting, eh? I know the feeling.

edward greller says:

Would like to see the STI 2.5 liter turbo motor in this car!

den525 says:

Seriously, some real car journalism please. Rather than paid advertising.
Best car Toyota has ever made? Its an average car at best. I went and test
drove this car after all the “rave reviews” and “hype” but oh what
disappointment! I know its not suppose to be fast in a straight line, but
its actually slow, like painfully slow. It doesn’t handle that great either.

I just don’t see what is there to like about this car.

Interceptor810 says:

I don’t know how many Japanese cars this guy has driven but most of them
have fairly precise steering.

Tayyeb Shabir says:

well done Toyota

TheAnonymousGeek says:

I like that this car is cheap worth getting, good job toyota! 

tetsurou2188 says:

but BAD design.


Must have this car san 

Richard H says:

looks like the genesis coupe

sleepybird09 says:

does anyone know if the previous gen civic si (2011) is faster then the frs
around a track? (i know the new si is a full second faster on most tracks).

rivengle says:

Not this.

Jason Green says:

Did I miss something @ 1:24

Ess says:

what about the ae86?

Ron kam says:

ehh sorry for my rude comment earlier…. i guess its really a like it or
hate it kinda thing ;( i can agree the car is abit better than the previous
one.. interior is really nice tho got to test drive it the other day haha
if only they made a different style or look for the Entire car…..

Shane Earley says:

yeh i noticed that to…but this car was not built for straight line speed
but tp go sideways and just be a little bundle of fun ha

Roberto Perez says:

You can do that in a Genesis coupe.. with 350hp! LOL

Shane Earley says:

thanks man

eifelturm3 says:

steering unusually good for a japanese car??? what??? what is with the evo,
sti, mps, mx5, gtr and so on??? i think this was his first japanese car…

SmartStoner says:

Thats because Toyota owns scion, and toyota and subaru developed this car
together. too bad they put a crap engine in it.

3dscott says:

I cant wait to have one. After nursing school i’m treating myself to one.

jonabr says:

It is the same it was a joint operation in which 2 companies(considering
Scion is part of Toyota) created an affordable sports car. Minor
differences were made but for the most part it is the same, since both
companies didn’t want to out-do each other. These cars have the best
maneuverability and overall balance in the under 30,000 market. While the
Genesis have more hp, its quickly out done by the Fr-s light weight
handling. It’s just personal preferences, although both cars are still

ordnas1234 says:

or if a brz sti comes out

Sondre Hansen says:

me too. amazing in the corners, but it’s a bit weak. I did 0-60 in 6
seconds with an automatic gear box with that flappy gear change thing
behind the wheel.

Matthew Spencer says:

Initial D is fiction. I’m referring to the real thing. Have you seen the
Touge downhill race with Keiichi Tsuchiya in his AE86 against the r34 gtr?

aaaaflasd says:

lmfao i forgot you’re retarded, but they are too. they just rebranded the
same car.

phtmexplo says:

You are missing the point. This is a driver’s car ! Not a “dragracer”. If
you like “real” driving, with corners, circuit driving, you love this car.
If you like boring stoplight “races ?”, buy something else.

PD19954 says:

BEST car toyota has ever made. dumbass forgot the supra, the celica alltrac
the mr2 and the toyota2000gt

paulusandronicus says:

i’m sure he’s driven more cars than you

The Soarer says:

lol 1.5JZGTE

MrButtons1201 says:

Did you even listen to the video? The car wasn’t made for magnificent specs
to be written down on a sheet of paper saying how fast it could get 0-100km
(0-60miles); it was made for the driver. It is a car that was created to
bring enjoyment to the driver by being able to have superb handling and
optimum power to weight. IF they wanted numbers to write down on a piece of
paper, i think they would have re-thought everything from the engine to
aerodynamics, but thats not what the new 86 is about.

Guns Cars and Digits says:

That looks like a lot of fun. I love power, burnouts, blah blah, but that
looks like so much fun. Is that engine as harsh as say, a GM 4.3 V6? I
mean, does it feel like it’s going to grenade after a while? I believe in
the quality, but I do want something that inspires confidence.

Roberto Perez says:

slow piece of jap shit

Agent365 says:

Time for me to sell my 2010 corolla S. goodbye sunroof. Lol.

77rxpharmacy says:

This is one of the worst car reviews on the internet.

Coop772 says:

They built it together so they’re both selling their own version of it.

touchstar68 says:

This is it, its just been on a diet 🙂

Orkun Hapeloğlu says:

Junior Lexus LF-A

Roberto Perez says:

my corolla has almost 200hp… is a driver’s car? XD

FullHouseHand says:

really??? i find the front exterior far more attractive then the past but i
do agree on the nasty part on the rear of the vehicle :p i have the 350z
and anyways id switch it for the Genesis….

jakubkrcma says:

It’s not a typical sideways drift, but a very nicely controllable
powerslide. For the money, it is a wonderful driver car. Basically, when
you realize that it has 200 PS and 1,200 kg, it should be pretty close to
the Supra MKIV around a track, because the extra third of weight is very
difficult to compensate with “just” extra ~two thirds of power. Of course,
in acceleration and top speed, the MKIV would simply KILL the GT86. But
then again, the Supra was much more expensive and the top Jap car.

Roberto Perez says:

Which one of the videos made wit Toyotas money?

Jaliya48 says:

You mean pop-ups or the the “High-tech two tone” colour scheme? I’m with
you on the pop-ups, nothing comes close to pop up headlamps!

Kory Nunn says:

The steering is genuinely good, especially for a new car. If anything I
kind of prefer the electric steering in this to hydraulic in others. You
get an almost sticky feel with hydraulic PS that isn’t there with no PS or
with the 86’s electric PS.

Pulsarbeam says:

My thoughts EXACTLY. Even a drunk toad could have come up with a better
design than this ungainly thing. A big,big FAIL

Shane Earley says:

one reason why it slides so good is because it has the same tires as on a
prius haha…look at my test drive video, i also reviewed this car in a
seperate video.

cameronsarabia says:

cept hes probrably used to porsche so handling wouldnt be as great in jap
cars as it would in the porsche

brutepunk25 says:

because toyota and subaru collaborated in building both 86 and brz

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